Truly call tracking review

Introducing the first Salesforce platform for sales process optimization, which eliminates the need for manual data entry by reps.

Contrary to sales solutions that make it simpler for salespeople to update CRM, Truly entirely eliminates the necessity.

  • Compared to any competing product, the Truly Capture product (email, voice, web meetings, and SMS) automatically captures more activity data in salesforce (68% more emails than sales engagement tools like Outreach, 33% more calls than call center software like LiveOps, and 6% more web meetings than conversation intelligence tools like Gong).
  • Truly All of your activity data is enhanced by AI, which also provides reportable, organized metadata in Salesforce. Your conversational material becomes searchable and reportable in Salesforce thanks to transcription. You can view “actual talktime” using conversation analytics. In web meetings, contact intelligence makes the identity and level of seniority of the persons you are speaking to public. AI call notes provide a summary of conversational events

You may automate all data entry with the help of the Sales Process Optimizer (you can establish contacts, advance opportunities, amend dispositions, list rivals, and more). You can get statistics and insights into your sales performance from Funnel Analytics, which automatically models your funnel. With the use of a process optimizer, you can check to see if any step in your sales process is being followed AND show how much it boosts funnel conversion. You may take procedures that are effective and automate them for representatives to assure more reliable execution and get many hours of weekly time back.

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