Twilio Call Tracking Review

Twilio, a leader in global communications, enables businesses to connect with customers across various digital platforms. With offices in 17 countries and clients like BMW, Sprint, and McDonald’s, Twilio offers a robust API that simplifies daily operations for telecom companies. It supports customer growth and enhances relationships.

Twilio has grown popular recently, with over 5 million developers and around 200,000 companies using their services to improve customer interactions and overall communication strategies.

1. Twilio: Overview

Expert Score: 60 out of 79

Short Description: Twilio is a sophisticated platform primarily designed for developers, which can be daunting for non-technical users. Its advanced functionalities and robust AI are standout features, but its call-tracking capabilities are somewhat restricted. To fully utilize its capabilities, integrations, thorough documentation, and coding are necessary, which may be demanding. It is ideally suited for organizations that possess technical know-how.

Customer Experience and Ratings: Twilio enjoys strong customer ratings, earning a 4.5 from over 444 reviews on Capterra and a 4.2 out of 467 reviews on G2. Users appreciate its automation capabilities and flexible pay-as-you-go payment model. However, some have noted challenges in accessing technical support and the platform’s less user-friendly interface.

Pricing: Contrary to other VOIP providers, Twilio uses the Pay-as-you-go pricing model. This allows clients to only pay for services they use, which might be more convenient, transparent, and affordable in the long run.

Top call tracking solutionTwilioCallRailPhonexa
Inbound Call
(per minute)
Outbound Call
(per minute)
Phone Number
(per line)
(per minute)
Min price
(per month)

2. Twilio: Features and Integrations

Twilio offers a broad array of features tailored specifically for various industries, including finance, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. Each sector can find a Twilio package that fits its unique needs.

This innovative developer platform has immense potential. It allows for programming messages and calls to be received, monitored, and responded to via voice. Other notable features include email automation template optimization, HTML editing, A/B testing, click-through rate analytics, and multi-device testing.

AI and Machine Learning
Omnichannel Engagement
Unrivaled Security
IOT Experiences
Intelligent Chatbots

3. Twilio: Comparison to the Call Tracking Market Leaders

Although Twilio has certain limitations, such as lacking keyword-level attribution and automated tagging, it remains one of the most popular call-tracking solutions. The table below details both basic and advanced features, illustrating how each call-tracking capability is handled by Twilio compared to the two leading call-tracking providers.

features Twilio Phonexa
OFFLINE CALL TRACKINGtwilio offline call trackingcallrail offline tracking basic optionphonexa offline call tracking determines marketing campaign effectiveness
Precise analysis of ad campaign effectiveness to enhance conversion rates, refine ad design and content marketing strategies
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
ONLINE CALL TRACKINGtwilio online call trackingcallrail online call trackingphonexa online call tracking
Essential feature for call-tracking platforms to tracks and analyzes online calls
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
DYNAMIC NUMBER INSERTIONtwilio dnicallrail dynamic number insertion call trackingphonexa dni call tracking
Changing how phone numbers are displayed on a website based on the visitor\’s source, allowing precise call distribution and marketing strategy analisys
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
KEYWORD-LEVEL ATTRIBUTIONcallrail keyword level attributionphonexa keyword attribution call tracking
Defining which phone calls are driven by which keywords used in digital marketing
Score0 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
MULTI-TOUCH ATTRIBUTION MODELINGtwilio digital marketing analysiscallrail call tracking analisysphonexa call tracking multi-touch modeling
Complex call tracking and analysis instrument for evaluation of multiple marketing touchpoints on different channels
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
OUT-OF-THE-BOX REPORTINGtwilio reporting toolcallrail call tracking analyticsphonexa call tracking reporting
Ready-to-use reporting templates and analytics features
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
EMAIL SUMMARY REPORTStwilio call tracking emailcallrail email reportingphonexa email call tracking reports
Scheduled automated email reports detailing campaign performance and call tracking statistics
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CUSTOM REPORTING ENGINEtwilio call tracking emailscallrail email reporting toolpronexa personalized call tracking reports
Creation of personalized reports based on specific call-tracking metrics
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
MULTI-TOUCH CPL REPORTINGcallrail cost per lead call tracking
Built-in functionality to calculate cost per lead and analyze ad spending across different platformsYou can use the CPL metric here with only one caveat: there is no separate tab for it.
Score0 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CALL SCOREtwilio call tracking evaluationcallrail call tracking score toolphonexa call quality evaluation
Automatic and manual evaluation of call quality and lead scoring
extra point for Form scoring
Score3 out of 34 out of 33 out of 3
USABILITY OF RECORDStwilio call tracking recordscallrail records navigationphonexa call tracking usability
Intuitive navigation of records, clear visualization of metrics, and efficient retrieval of call-tracking reportsThe developers have not updated the design for a long time.Graphical representation of information is unimpressive, but it\’s normal for tech-savvy customers who use the API.
Score5 out of 54 out of 52 out of 5
CALL RECORDINGtwilio call tracking and recordingcallrail recording calls featurephonexa call recording
Recording calls allows capturing and reviewing customer interactions for quality control, training, and sales strategies performance evaluation
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CALL TRANSCRIPTIONtwilio call tracking software with transcriptioncall rail transcribing call trackingphonexa call tracking transcription
Conversion of calls into written data using speech-recognition software for reviewing them without listening and extracting insights
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CALL FORWARDINGtwilio call forwarding toolcallrail call tracking and forwardingphonexa call forwarding
An essential call flow management feature, call forwarding automatically routs incoming calls to other phone numbers based on predefined rules
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
EMAIL NOTIFICATIONStwilio automated emailscallrail automated emails toolphonexa email notifications
Instant updates on call activity for timely responses and creating notifications for customers and partners
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
STANDARD CALL FLOW BUILDERtwilio call routing interfacecallrail call tracking interfacephonexa call tracking customization
The call tracking software interface for creating and customizing the journey of incoming fallsThe call flow builder has some design flaws.Intuitive interface that needs a little visual improvementFunctional and flexible call builder. Visually, there\’s room for improvement.
Score4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
CUSTOM AGENT SETUPtwilio user roles softwarecallrail user roles toolphonexa user roles software
Assignment and customization of user roles and permissions within the call tracking system
There are several levels of advanced access for each user
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
AUTO LEAD TAGGINGcallrail call tracking tags
Automatic assigning of tags to calls based on various factors for the easy categorization of tracked calls
Doesn\’t include tagging summary
Score0 out of 33 out of 32 out of 3
MOBILE APPtwilio appcallrail appphonexa call tracking campaigns
Provides flexibility of monitoring and managing campaigns on-the-go
You can build your own app with the information and features you need.
Simple application with no advanced features.
Score0 out of 53 out of 55 out of 5
ADVANCED CALL FLOW STEPStwilio call tracking advanced stepscallrail call tracking flow stepsphonexa advanced call tracking routing
Complex routing and handling of calls based on customizable rules and criteriaTwillio has an overly complicated process of advanced routing of inbound calls.
Callers can be routed to a business location closest to them.

Phonexa develops customized call flow features based on the customers requests.
Score2 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
INTEGRATIONStwilio call tracking software integrationscallrain call tracking integrationsphonexa call tracking integrations
Ability to connect call tracking systems with other tools and platforms, such as CRMs
75 integrations
CallRail includes integrations with 60 brandsPhonexa lists 23 integrations. Also, the platform features many integrated marketing automation and user behavior tools.
Score5 out of 54 out of 53 out of 5
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEtwilio call campaigns aicallrail call tracking ai softwarephonexa call tracking company ai
AI in call tracking is used for various purposes such as analyzing conversations and automating call routingThe AI in CallRail is powerful, but not the best in the category.Phonexa provides some AI features, such as voice recognition.
Score5 out of 54 out of 52 out of 5
WHITE LABELcallrail call tracking with white labelphonexa call tracking company white label
Customization of software interface to include branding elements for enhanced reputation and user experience
Score0 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
FREE VERSION OR TRIAL PERIODA free account with basic features availableA free 14-day trialThere is no free trial version
TOTAL SCORE60 out of 7974 out of 7969 out of 79
%75,95% 93,67% 87,34%

4. Pros and Cons


Ideal for tech-savvy users
Advanced automation features
Robust AI integration
Non-trivial pricing models


Complex setup and support issues frequently mentioned by users
Limited mobile management capabilities

How can my App receive calls?

You must configure your push certificate in the Console in order to receive incoming calls, and your app must register for incoming calls using voice. register(…). Through FCM, Twilio will deliver a high-priority push notification to you (Firebase Cloud Messaging Service). For an example of how it is done, see our quickstart implementation. Google discontinued GCM (Google Cloud Messaging Service) on April 10, 2018. If you are currently utilizing GCM, switch to FCM as soon as possible. At this moment, GCM concerns are not supported.

Can the App receive incoming VoIP calls while it’s not running or in the background?

Yes! See How do I register my app to accept calls so that I may answer them? Once the app is registered, it will continue to receive push alerts for incoming calls even while it is closed or in the background.

What’s the difference between an Access Token and a Device Token?

To use Twilio’s services, you need an Access Token. A token known as a device token identifies the device that will be receiving a push notification.

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