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What are the components of a successful campaign? The answer is simple: accurate, professional, and reliable call tracking software. Any other tools that you may need can be included as well. Our cloud-based interface ensures that you have everything at your fingertips. We offer a technology that expedites marketing and sales programs by removing the need to do any hands-on work. We started in 2016 and are based in the European Union.

The platform tracks phone calls and organizes them by different keywords, area codes, and other demographic data. The system will recognise the caller’s profile once it has collected enough information about that user during its initial setup. Technology allows agents to handle calls more efficiently by being able to connect the caller’s number to their information from other places like social media accounts, bank statements, etc. That way, the agent can tailor their responses for increased customer satisfaction.

1. Ringba.com: price score. Find the best price

Ringba is a good option for many reasons. Its basic plan has no charge so there’s no hassle and you get a product with the quality of an expensive one. It also has fantastic rates for people that need to make lots of local calls but want to avoid high prices.

Top call tracking solutionsInvocaVSCalltracking metricsVSRingba
Inbound Call(per minute)$0.05VS$0.27VS$0.05
Outbound Call(per minute)$0.05VS$0.29VS$0.05
Phone Number(per line)$3.00VS$1.50VS$3.00
Voicemail(per minute)$0.003VS$0.002VS$0.001
Min price(per month)$45.00VS$39.00VS$0.00

For larger enterprises, Ringba offers two customized programs for $99 a month- the “Premium Package” and the “Enterprise.” Customers also have free live chat customer support during business hours.

2. Ringba.com: meta rating. Check what people say about Ringba

Ringba score
Ringba votes
Ringba metascore

G2 and Capterra are two industry-wide, trusted platforms for finding software of all levels. They rank Ringba as the top service in their ratings, with a rating of 5. Opponents such as CallTrackingMetrics, Callrail, Invoca have similar ratings

3. Ringba.com: features and integrations

In addition to basic call tracking features that most software offer, Ringba is significant in the way it can expand marketing opportunities into 60 other countries.The use of call optimization software will help you automatically optimize your call without having to do anything by yourself. The industry’s fastest and most advanced engines make it possible for marketers to discover new possibilities to boost their sales process.

Account-Based Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Demand Generation
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Customer Data Platform
Digital Analytics
Event Management

Ongoing business relationships can be difficult to manage, but alternatives like Pay Per Call Network can offer added stability. People from Ringba’s private network will reach out on your behalf, giving you new opportunities quickly!

Google Drive
Social Media Advertising

Ringba understands that they’re working in a rapidly-changing industry and have been going the extra mile to make sure their products, services and office atmosphere improve with every passing year. Customers love this attention to detail, which is why we’re constantly improving ourselves. Ringba is currently providing website call tracking services to over 676 different companies and its products are the 19th most popular in the United States. When looking at the company’s other competitors you may notice that they are already well-known brands, like Callrail and CallTrackingMetrics. This suggests that the company has great potential and that it is also very competitive in this industry.

Similarweb Direct traffic
Semrush Search Volume

5. Ringba.com: similar solutions

Ringba is a great call tracking tool for making calls more efficient. Our solutions fit contact centers, small-businesses, and pay-per-call marketers alike! Ringba is the company for you if you’re looking for a simple, powerful, and affordable solution to handle your call center needs. Ringba’s agents have the freedom of moving from call to call with ease, as well as access to a team-based ringing tree that cuts down on time spent on hold.

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What is Pay Per Call?

The act of establishing a phone connection between a company and a potential client is known as pay per call. Inbound calls from customers who are interested in their goods or services can be purchased by firms using the Pay Per Call (Pay-Per-Call, or PPCall) advertising model on a per-call basis. Pay per call simply means that a company pays to obtain incoming phone calls from potential clients.

How does Pay Per Call work?

The pay per call business model can be implemented in a variety of ways, but here is how it functions at a high level. In order to engage with potential customers over the phone, advertisers undertake marketing campaigns. Publishers create qualified inbound calls from sources of paid traffic, and they are compensated with a commission for such calls. Networks serve as a middleman between call sellers and buyers.

What marketing channels work best for Pay Per Call?

Post Dial Delay, or PDD for short, is the interval between the caller’s first dialing of the number and the time the phone begins to ring for your operators or call agents within your office or call center. This is the time it takes for the call to be routed through one or more phone carrier networks and reach your destination phone system. Depending on the caller’s carrier, the Infinity number being called, and the destination number being routed to, the wait may change. If the destination number you are using is given by another call-forwarding service, which then redirects the call to your actual phone system number, the PDD may also be raised. For instance, if you are forwarding calls to a provider of toll-free numbers, they will then be sent to your local number. Because there are fewer “hops” involved, there is less PDD and call audio delay when you update your Infinity settings to forward calls to your “real” local destination number. Calls will be routed through an additional phone number (the tracking number) due to the nature of call tracking, as opposed to call routing without call tracking, increasing the likelihood of PDD. However, our clients have discovered that the advantages of call tracking much outweigh the slight delay.

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