Marchex call tracking review

Marchex call tracking review

  • The customer service and support are top notch
  • Easy to use routing Policy builder
  • Nice customizations
  • Lack of ability to have voice recognition
  • The API is not very intuitive
  • Hard to maneuver and access data
  • Basic package offers a few and very limited features

Marchex has offered its clients cutting-edge solutions for business efficiency and income growth ever since it was founded and went public in 2004. In order to provide clients with the seamless purchasing experiences they demand, it equips sales and marketing teams with the tools they need to mix digital channels with more conventional ones like phone and text messaging.

The market leader and multiple award-winning conversation intelligence platform provides marketing and sales interaction tools that are AI-driven to help businesses engage customers and boost sales. The company’s main objective is to support clients in boosting sales and succeeding. It has always been distinguished by a strong commitment to and focus on the clients. The main goal is to aid clients in locating the best answers to their current company problems. Price Score

Our product specialists, who are there to assist you at every step of the way, can provide you with more information about the Marchex price upon request. Depending on customisation, added features, user count, and deployment method, Marchex prices may change. To learn more about Marchex subscriptions and to receive a fantastic discount on premium Marchex packages, kindly request a callback.

Top call tracking solutionsCalltracking metricsVSCallrailVSMarchex
Inbound Call(per minute)$0.27
Outbound Call(per minute)$0.29VS$0.05
Phone Number(per line)$1.50VS$3.00
Voicemail(per minute)$0.002VS$0.003
Min price(per month)$39.00VS$45.00
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Marchex metascore

Numerous people already trust Marchex. With 11 years of experience, it already has eight worldwide data centers and more than 600 global customers. It has received numerous honors, including The Cloud-Based Solution of The Year. Visit the organization’s website to find out more. Features and Integrations

The Marchex conversational analytics platform generates extremely large data volumes, which Marchex’s new technical platform, Marchex Stream, will control. The company imported data from its conversational analytics platform into Snowflake to set it up for new enterprise reporting functionalities. Speed is essential for Snowflake to meet the clients of Marchex’s growing demands.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Ironclad Security
  • Access Controls
  • Salesforce Playback
  • Pause/Resume
  • Compliance Tools

With its additional reporting features, Marchex stands apart from the competition. The cloud-based data warehouse system called Snowflake was developed to meet consumer demands, corporate growth, and data scalability requirements. Another benefit is the two full-time engineering equivalents (FTEs) that are freed up by the completely managed data warehouse to concentrate on projects to enhance Marchex’s product.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Live Chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Freshsales
  • Google Analytics
  • Trello

Business Wire said that Marchex exceeded all prior records in the U.S. market in the first half of 2021 with 253% year-over-year growth. Due to Marchex’s continued goal of exceeding customers’ expectations by incorporating voice into the leading CRM platform in the world, as well as a significant investment in both product innovation and people, this extraordinary development occurred.

After achieving this goal, Marchex has no plans to quit. With its cutting-edge voice technology, it has made a number of ground-breaking product announcements that will significantly improve the consumer experience.

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Single-solution call tracking The purpose of Marchex is to streamline business operations for startups, SMBs, SMEs, and agencies. This web-based call tracking application is simple to use and has an intuitive user interface. The comprehensive solutions provided by Marchex, including Call Tracking Software, can be used by different types of companies and industries. Key Attributes are aided by Marchex Call Tracking Software, which also boosts efficiency and improves marketing procedures. It also aids in the management of campaigns and forms.

Marchex call tracking review FAQ

What is pros and cons of Marchex call tracking review

Marchex call tracking review Pros:

  • The customer service and support are top notch
  • Easy to use routing Policy builder
  • Nice customizations

Marchex call tracking review Cons:

  • Lack of ability to have voice recognition
  • The API is not very intuitive
  • Hard to maneuver and access data
  • Basic package offers a few and very limited features

What is average rating of Marchex call tracking review

Average rating is 4 based on next metrics: Customer service: 4, Customer support: 4, Lead attribution: 4, Tracking numbers: 4

Marchex call tracking
+ Value for money: 7/10
+ Ease of use: 8/10
+ Features and integrations: 5/10
+ Customer support: 6/10
Customer service
Customer support
Lead attribution
Tracking numbers
4.0 Overall Rating

4 Replies to “Marchex call tracking review”

  • Brandon V. says:

    We like being able to measure call volume, call duration, and call quality. If necessary, we can employ call recording to confirm the legitimacy of the calls. If our clients want integrated information for reporting, they can utilize Marchex’s API. Fields can be changed to suit our needs for invoicing and reporting.

  • md k. says:

    The interface for Marchex is incredibly user-friendly and simple to adapt to my needs. I’ve never encountered a problem that I couldn’t quickly resolve or that customer service couldn’t assist me with.
    Customer care always responds quickly and assists me in finding any answers I need!

  • Lily G. says:

    Affordable. Easy to use. Customer Service is better than any other. I’ve always had prompt help. Staff is knowledgeable and easy to understand. AND THE CALL DNA!! When you got that, it was SO GREAT to visually be able to hop around calls, see how many rings we take to answer, and more. Really great stuff.

  • Daniel T. says:

    What I like best about Marchex is its ease of use. The first time I set up an account and added phone numbers, I was intimidated, thinking I might make a mistake. The process was so easy that I had no issues during or after setup. With all of the data available, ad tracking across other platforms can become overwhelming and confusing. Marchex uses a simple interface that is easy to navigate and reporting is straight to the point, making it easy to see only the results you want and not a bunch of extra information.

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Marchex call tracking review