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With the help of Funnel Science, your online business will have no problem creating and improving high-quality sales funnels.

Alex Fender, one of the world’s leading digital marketing consultants, coined the term “Funnel Science” in 2009 after developing a technique that employs science and software to manage, test and monitor customer behavior. By using a conversion tracking program, you can measure how it affects these aspects: conversion rate, sales closure ratio, revenue and profitability. You can also determine the time it took your customer to make a purchase. Funnel Science is based on machine learning, data mining and pattern recognition to analyze customer behavior.

Now Funnel Science is providing assistance for conversion optimization, Google AdWords pay-per-click management, Google Analytics support and sales funnel advice to thousands of top brands, full service marketing agencies and SEO firms in the US. The company offers an A/B testing service for agencies, conversion rate optimization for agencies, and marketing & sales analytics for marketing companies.

1. Funnel Science: price score. Find the best price

Funnel Science has a basic pricing plan starting at only $99. The service includes:

  • All-In-One Conversion Tracking
  • Full-Featured CRM
  • Call Tracking, recording, transcription
  • Call Sentiment Analysis
  • Call Requests
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Email Templates/Responders
  • Live Chat
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • 1 Marketing & 1 Sales User

Other plans will be $500 and if you want to see how they work, ask for a demo on the official website.

Top call tracking solutionsInfinityVSCallrailVSFunnel Science
Inbound Call(per minute)$0.2VS$0.05VSx
Outbound Call(per minute)$0.2VS$0.05VSx
Phone Number(per line)$5.00VS$3.00VSx
Voicemail(per minute)$0.002VS$0.003VSx
Min price(per month)$199.00VS$45.00VS$99

2. Funnel Science: meta rating. Check what people say about Funnel Science

Funnel Science score
Funnel Science votes
Funnel Science metascore

Funnel Science is not the current leader in this field, but they are making their way up. Capterra, GetApp and G2 have already rated them 5/5 stars, and Software Advice has awarded them 4 out of 5.

3. Funnel Science: features and integrations

Funnel Science is a great helper when it comes to tracking all sales funnel changes. They are a really efficient way of keeping track on what’s going on in the entire pipeline. This powerful solution will allow your business to grow rapidly – with combined sales and marketing features, as well as extensive reporting features. You can do it all right here in one place.

Landing Pages
Chat and Text
Lead Generation
Digital Traffic
Voice Recording

Funnel Science is based on data-driven strategies and using this approach, the company wants to streamline marketing & sales activities and improve every client’s experience. AI is an essential part of our work. It’s identifying the exact aspects that make people buy (advertising, campaigns, emails, content) and make sure we’re investing in marketing channels that are right for us.

Google Analytics
Google Ad Manager
Google Ads

Funnel Science is active in 37 countries around the world. While this number might not be too impressive on its own, it’s important to keep in mind that focused businesses choose quality over quantity

Funnel Science is being used by different industries for their business intelligence needs. The top three industries using Funnel Science are bankruptcy, commercial real estate, and conversion rate optimization.

Semrush Search Volume

5. Funnel Science: similar solutions

Funnel Science is a company that builds sales funnels by using AI. This saves sellers a lot of time and effort, and it helps find what influencers work in the behavior of the buyer. IN YEARS OF RESEARCH, WE DEVELOPED MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS TO HELP OUR CLIENTS INCREASE THEIR SALES BY UP TO 500%.

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