AgencyAnalytics call tracking review

AgencyAnalytics call tracking review

  • Easy to white label
  • Cost-effective
  • Intuitive reports
  • Easy to implement
  • A bit expensive
  • Limits on integrating multiple accounts into one

AgencyAnalytics, recognized as a leading leader in automated reporting for agencies, has been helping agencies to scale up since 2010. Using reporting as its main tool, AgencyAnalytics came to the conclusion that effective client reporting is a key part of scaling an agency. Now it’s been over 12 years since we started our company, AgencyAnalytics. What began as a simple idea is now widely used all around the world. The best part is that we can keep building and improving our product by answering agencies’ needs and addressing their problems to bring them more success.

Joe Kindness started the company in Canada as a way to provide businesses with general marketing assistance. Marketers spend hours looking for dashboards and trying to figure them out, so this service did wonders for businesses.AgencyAnalytics is the only analytics solution that saves time on reporting. It is quick to use and surprisingly versatile with its drag-and-drop dashboards & robust report editor.

1. AgencyAnalytics: price score. Find the best price

There are three different pricing packages available. The “Freelancer package” is the cheapest one and it’s best for small businesses that don’t need any custom reports or dashboards. It will cost $10 and include unlimited reports, 70+ integrations, one custom dashboard per campaign, five staff accesses. Small to medium agencies will need to pay $15 to get the “Freelancer package” with unlimited custom dashboards, PPC markup, and many more features.

Top call tracking solutionsCalltracking metricsVSAgency AnalyticsVSPhonexa
Inbound Call(per minute)$0.27VSxVS$0.03
Outbound Call(per minute)$0.29VSxVS$0.03
Phone Number(per line)$1.50VSxVS$1.50
Voicemail(per minute)$0.002VSxVS$0.001
Min price(per month)$39.00VS$10.00VS$100.00

2. AgencyAnalytics: meta rating. Check what people say about AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics score
AgencyAnalytics votes
AgencyAnalytics metascore

AgencyAnalytics is a trusted analytics software. It was the choice of more than 5500+ clients around the world and ranks high in reviews on Capterra, G2, GetApp, etc. Some of its major customers include Bonafide, Clearwater, Clix and Edge which are some well-known brands. Call tracking tools like Ruler Analytics,, and TravelNet Solutions are proving to be as popular among voters as AgencyAnalytics

3. AgencyAnalytics: features and integrations

Marketing teams can now generate automated reports and templates to improve their efficiency. They get to spend less time on data entry and more time on improving the product. In addition, marketers no longer need to switch between different platforms in order to track customer intelligence. At AgencyAnalytics, our integrations are what make us stand out. We not only offer all of your traditional digital marketing services, but also have platforms like SEO, PPC and social media. You can even contact the client directly by phone or email to discuss any questions they may have!

Automated Reports
SEO Content & Ranking
Campaign Activity
Agency Management
Custom Dashboards
SEO Reporting
Marketing Operations
White Label

With white label dashboards, you can immediately take control of your company branding. Some pricing plans also allow you to create multiple dashboard profiles for different clients. Use a logo and color scheme that’s most aligned with your brand, and create a unique experience for each profile.

Call Tracking

With the help of a variety of SEO tools you will always be aware of how well your site performs. You can track your keywords as well as backlinks and create beautiful reports for clients or other members in your team.

The direct traffic chart for the last half a year shows that AgencyAnalytics has been steadily growing in popularity. It all started out with it as this small agency, which is now competing with global brands. The reason for our success is clear – we have a hardworking team of talented professionals, quality products and excellent customer support.

Though facing an extremely difficult economic period in the last six months, AgencyAnalytics not only managed to survive but performed excellently compared to the majority.

Semrush Search Volume

5. AgencyAnalytics: similar solutions

We offer five different pricing plans to fit your needs, regardless of whether you’re a small company or an enterprise. Features vary on the plans, with each being easy-to-use and practical.AgencyAnalytics is an enterprise-level call tracking company that is already being used by some of the top organizations in the world. If you want to find out more about them, check out what their current clients have to say and see if it coincides with your needs. You might just want to sign up with them too!

AgencyAnalytics call tracking review FAQ

What is pros and cons of AgencyAnalytics call tracking review

AgencyAnalytics call tracking review Pros:

  • Easy to white label
  • Cost-effective
  • Intuitive reports
  • Easy to implement

AgencyAnalytics call tracking review Cons:

  • A bit expensive
  • Limits on integrating multiple accounts into one

What is average rating of AgencyAnalytics call tracking review

Average rating is 4.5 based on next metrics: Customer service: 5, Customer support: 5, Lead attribution: 4, Tracking numbers: 4

AgencyAnalytics call tracking
+ Value for money: 5/10
+ Ease of use: 6/10
+ Features and integrations: 7/10
+ Customer support: 6/10
Customer service
Customer support
Lead attribution
Tracking numbers
4.5 Overall Rating

6 Replies to “AgencyAnalytics call tracking review”

  • Avatar
    Shawn G. says:

    I appreciate the detailed reporting and the flexibility to modify the metrics and create unique reports for each client. Although first intimidating, the templates are a fantastic place to start. We haven’t yet utilized all of the features available, but we’re eager to find out more about the platform and how it may assist us in delivering outcomes for our clients.

  • Avatar
    Nikki S. says:

    For my clients, I was looking for a reporting tool, but I ended up finding much more. I appreciate that each integration has its own ‘dashboard,’ if you will. Additionally, I appreciate that custom “dashboards” and reports are distinct because they frequently have different functions. The cost of getting both looks to be pretty reasonable.

  • Avatar
    Robbi W. says:

    Use this analytics software to gain the knowledge necessary to take wiser decisions. Get complete information on your campaigns to make sure they are operating efficiently and monitor all of your websites and social media pages from one location. You’ll have the information you need to make wise decisions and optimize ROI with the help of our analytics software.

  • Avatar
    Maria B. says:

    I must first state that the Agency Analytics support staff has always answered my messages of concern and fixed any problems I’ve had within minutes. There was one incident where a problem persisted for almost a week; in this situation, the support staff kept me informed as they moved through each stage of the resolution procedure over the course of the week.
    One of the key components of my company is the software itself. It continuously refreshes information that I can easily download and send to my clients, and it logs everything I do for their websites.

  • Avatar
    Irwin M. says:

    With the new Rank Tracker update, you can tag keywords that have been sitting away without any movement and add new keywords to replace them. When both the new and old keywords would only give an eyesore on the dashboard, by the new system of tagging keywords, you are able to filter out the new ones and hide the old making the dashboard provides you with only good results! Thanks again!

  • Avatar
    Ella M. says:

    We have had issues occasionally related to the report continually showing the load bar and not actually loading. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to save edits.

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AgencyAnalytics call tracking review