HubSpot call tracking review

HubSpot call tracking review

  • Very professional customer support
  • Easy to kick off
  • Intuitive UX
  • Some of the metrics are not clickable
  • Very complex to set up
  • Requires definite knowledge of web dev

Hubspot is a name that has always interested me within the digital marketing sphere. I checked them out to see what it was about and discovered their blogs and educational courses all of which seem so promising. There are so many things to say, but one thing is for sure – HubSpot is something special.

HubSpot is a leading developer of software solutions, with a focus on inbound marketing, sales, and customer services. The company was founded in 2005 as just one piece of basic business software: an inbound marketing tool. HubSpot provides a multitude of other digital marketing tools in addition to website hosting, email marketing and social media. They are the perfect solution for any sales team.

1. price score. Find the best price

With only $23 a month, HubSpot offers its Starter plan with 1,000 marketing contacts included and free tools with increased limits. This means you can start using free tools like ad management, live chat, email marketing, forms and more to start getting your message across quickly. The package includes everything beginners need and plenty of useful features for advanced users.

Top call tracking solutionsHubSpotVSCallrailVSPhonexa
Inbound Call(per minute)xVS$0.05VS$0.03
Outbound Call(per minute)xVS$0.05VS$0.03
Phone Number(per line)xVS$3.00VS$1.50
Voicemail(per minute)xVS$0.003VS$0.001
Min price(per month)$23.00VS$45.00VS$100.00

Companies with greater call tracking needs can now choose between the Professional and Enterprise plans. These plans are designed to work with 2,000 and 10,000 clients respectively – they offer advanced reporting capabilities and brand management options.

2. meta rating. Check what people say about HubSpot

HubSpot score
HubSpot votes
HubSpot metascore

HubSpot CRM has been the preferred choice for many businesses globally, with the support of a strong following that ensures its position in the market is guaranteed. Reviews of the HubSpot call tracking platform on trusted sites like Capterra and Trustradius prove that it’s a high quality service, earning ratings of 4.3 and 4.5 out of 5 respectively.

3. features and integrations

HubSpot CRM was originally created just as a marketing tool for SMBs, but now it can offer a good structure for any company. It segment your leads according to their needs and passes them further down to the sales team. HubSpot has developed quite a few different features in their platform. They can connect all of your customer campaigns and channels into one, making it easy to see what’s happening on all platforms. They also provide a dashboard that anyone can see and access- perfect for teams who need to focus on more than one aspect at once.

Email Markering
Lead Management
Online Marketing
Reporting & Analytics

It makes the lives of whole team much easier as they don’t have to keep track of customer experiences manually. New team members will have the same access to the reports, with easy integration into the process.

The Chatbot Live & Chat feature will give the team a break while leads are taken care of. The 24/7 support ensures that nobody gets left hanging or treated badly. This allows sales to focus on what they are good at, engaging deals and closing them. And finally, HubSpot offers customer surveys to monitor your team’s performance. They also include satisfaction ratings from past customers and the reviews will help improve your support service.

Considering all the challenging competitors they’ve faced and won over, HubSpot is a clear winner. They offer a really diverse range of tools. For example, call tracking is just one of their major features. So it’s worth pointing out that when rivaling other companies like Infinity and WhatConverts, they do have significant weakness in their lack of understanding of specific industry trends.

Although what we saw on the charts is quite surprising. Given the turbulent nature of recent years and everything, HubSpot was still able to outpace Whatconverts and Infinity for the whole two months, which is a really incredible thing that they can do.

Semrush Search Volume

5. similar solutions

Generating more quality leads and improving customer journeys is a challenge that every company has been trying to address. Hubspot CRM could potentially provide you with the resources you need to accomplish this in a short time period. The platform has created a seamless and rapid way to implement your sales strategy while at the same time increasing conversions.

HubSpot call tracking review FAQ

What is pros and cons of HubSpot call tracking review

HubSpot call tracking review Pros:

  • Very professional customer support
  • Easy to kick off
  • Intuitive UX

HubSpot call tracking review Cons:

  • Some of the metrics are not clickable
  • Very complex to set up
  • Requires definite knowledge of web dev

What is average rating of HubSpot call tracking review

Average rating is 3.75 based on next metrics: Customer service: 4, Customer support: 3, Lead attribution: 4, Tracking numbers: 4

HubSpot call tracking
+ Value for money: 7/10
+ Ease of use: 8/10
+ Features and integrations: 7/10
+ Customer support: 8/10
Customer service
Customer support
Lead attribution
Tracking numbers
3.8 Overall Rating

6 Replies to “HubSpot call tracking review”

  • Avatar
    Garrett Brock says:

    For the past five years, I’ve utilized Hubspot, and I’ve had a terrific experience with it. Almost anything can be done using Hubspot. Our sales staff has utilized it as a CRM, and we’ve used the Marketing Hub for all of our email and social media requirements. It enables us to communicate with clients and potential clients swiftly. The fact that Hubspot can do everything has only one drawback: it requires a lot of training and onboarding to ensure that you are leveraging everything. If you have the time to tweak it, everything is configurable, which is fantastic. Trying to increase our use of Hubspot has occasionally run into issues because our company model is particular and necessitates some adaptation, but I still heartily endorse the service.

  • Avatar
    Ara Catchatoorian says:

    Our company has greatly benefited from HubSpot, and World Light Media, a local HubSpot agency partner, has helped me go from a manager to an expert user. The CRM, messaging, appointment, and reporting capabilities from HubSpot have helped us run our business more effectively and grow it. Any business looking to expand and accomplish more with less work must have HubSpot!

  • Avatar
    Ana S. says:

    One of the top tools I’m aware of for managing social media posts and campaigns, landing pages, Good Ads, reporting, and email marketing campaigns is HubSpot Marketing Hub. I adored HubSpot’s features and user experience, as well as how simple it is to set up any processes, contact lists, and campaigns. The ability to build trackable URLs, oversee the marketing staff, and link the website and blog to the systems allows me to better track everything.

  • Avatar
    DON M. says:

    Although HubSpot is a highly versatile and extensive platform, I believe that we were misled about its potential when we signed up. I was informed that although customer support is EXCELLENT, there is an EXTREMELY SMALL possibility that your issue would be handled if the request is upgraded. We have Full capabilities as Wufoo, however you do not when it comes to payment choices and other features. Also, the onboarding instruction IS subpar.

  • Avatar
    Lee B. says:

    We are executing our first ever golf event in September. Thanks to Hubspot I’ve been able to tie in FB and Google Ad accounts to optimize my advertising, utilize email marketing automation to get the message to my prospects quickly, and track sales results all in one platform. Due to the seemless integrations, we are already 60% sold out and the event is still five months away!

  • Avatar
    Owen O. says:

    So far (we are really early in our implementation), our biggest issues are that we can’t use all the features due to our exisiting MarTech platforms. It is an excellent B2B tool, but we are unable to take advantage of some of the sophisticated lead scoring, etc., because of our less modern systems.

    Navigation sometimes requires a significant number of steps (clicks) and finding settings and options is a challenge—this is magnified significantly when dealing with themes and styling.

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HubSpot call tracking review