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WhatConverts offers the perfect call-tracking system for agencies and small businesses. Cloud-based, fast, and easy to set up, WhatConverts promises comprehensive tracking of calls, web forms, and e-commerce transactions. It enables precise lead attribution by showing exactly what marketing efforts generate calls, leads, and sales, thereby offering clear insights into ROI. Additionally, WhatConverts features robust reporting tools that allow users to create detailed analyses and reports to further optimize their marketing strategies.

1. WhatConverts: Overview

Expert Score: 61 out of 79

Short Description: WhatConverts is a straightforward, effective call-tracking platform with a user-friendly design and detailed features for various industries alongside a broad range of integrations. Its transparent pricing includes multiple packages fitting different budgets. The support team, including a hands-on co-founder, actively explains product functionalities, a rarity. However, it lacks some data management features and, despite being positioned as an all-in-one solution, offers fewer services than expected.

Customer Experience and Ratings: WhatConverts boasts stellar ratings: a perfect 5.0 based on 51 reviews on Capterra and a 4.9 from 103 reviews on G2. Users commend the platform for its exceptional customer service and seamless integrations with lead generation and distribution functionalities, as well as its intuitive tracking dashboard. However, they also note a steep learning curve which may require some acclimation.

Pricing: WhatConverts provides four distinct plans—Call Tracking, Plus, Pro, and Elite—priced at $30, $60, $100, and $160 respectively, making it one of the most affordable options among top call tracking solutions. Each plan includes a varying range of features, with the ability to track up to 148 call leads before additional fees apply. While even the basic Call Tracking plan encompasses all essential call-tracking features, it offers limited reporting functionality.

Top call tracking solutionWhatConvertsCallRailPhonexa
Inbound Call
(per minute)
Outbound Call
(per minute)
Phone Number
(per line)
(per minute)
Min price
(per month)

2. WhatConverts: Features and Integrations

When compared to other call-tracking providers, WhatConverts has the strength and potential to compete with some of the best models in the industry, such as CallRail, Phonexa, and CallTrackingMetrics. It might not be a top contender yet, but it’s definitely worth considering as an element of your business strategy.

Lead, Form, Chat Tracking
Search u0026amp; Filer Leads
Value Leads
Quality Leads
Marketing Reports
Marketing Intelligence
Custom Reports
Real-Time Reports
Export Leads

3. WhatConverts: Comparison to the Call Tracking Market Leaders

WhatConverts enables customer segmentation based on preferences, offering deeper insights into what drives their engagement. The table below outlines both basic and advanced features, detailing how each call-tracking function is implemented by Phonexa and its two main competitors.

features WhatConverts Phonexa
OFFLINE CALL TRACKINGwhatconverts call tracking offlinecallrail offline tracking basic optionphonexa offline call tracking determines marketing campaign effectiveness
Precise analysis of ad campaign effectiveness to enhance conversion rates, refine ad design and content marketing strategies
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
ONLINE CALL TRACKINGwhatconverts online tracking callscallrail online call trackingphonexa online call tracking
Essential feature for call-tracking platforms to tracks and analyzes online calls
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
DYNAMIC NUMBER INSERTIONwhatconverds dni servicecallrail dynamic number insertion call trackingphonexa dni call tracking
Changing how phone numbers are displayed on a website based on the visitor\’s source, allowing precise call distribution and marketing strategy analisys
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
KEYWORD-LEVEL ATTRIBUTIONwhatconverts call tracking keyword attributioncallrail keyword level attributionphonexa keyword attribution call tracking
Defining which phone calls are driven by which keywords used in digital marketingICON DECRIPTION
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
MULTI-TOUCH ATTRIBUTION MODELINGwhatconverts multi-touch attribution servicescallrail call tracking analisysphonexa call tracking multi-touch modeling
Complex call tracking and analysis instrument for evaluation of multiple marketing touchpoints on different channels
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
OUT-OF-THE-BOX REPORTINGwhatconverts call tracking reportingcallrail call tracking analyticsphonexa call tracking reporting
Ready-to-use reporting templates and analytics features
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
EMAIL SUMMARY REPORTSwhatconverts call tracking emailscallrail email reportingphonexa email call tracking reports
Scheduled automated email reports detailing campaign performance and call tracking statistics
YouTube demonstration
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CUSTOM REPORTING ENGINEwhatconverts reporting softwarecallrail email reporting toolpronexa personalized call tracking reports
Creation of personalized reports based on specific call-tracking metrics
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
MULTI-TOUCH CPL REPORTINGcallrail cost per lead call tracking
Built-in functionality to calculate cost per lead and analyze ad spending across different platformsYou can use the CPL metric here with only one caveat: there is no separate tab for it.
Score0 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CALL SCOREcallrail call tracking score toolphonexa call quality evaluation
Automatic and manual evaluation of call quality and lead scoring
extra point for Form scoring
Score0 out of 34 out of 33 out of 3
USABILITY OF RECORDSwhatconverts call tracking records navigationcallrail records navigationphonexa call tracking usability
Intuitive navigation of records, clear visualization of metrics, and efficient retrieval of call-tracking reportsThe developers have not updated the design for a long time.Graphical representation of information is unimpressive, but it\’s normal for tech-savvy customers who use the API.
Score5 out of 54 out of 52 out of 5
CALL RECORDINGwhatconverts call tracking recordingcallrail recording calls featurephonexa call recording
Recording calls allows capturing and reviewing customer interactions for quality control, training, and sales strategies performance evaluation
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CALL TRANSCRIPTIONwhatconverts call tracking transcription featurecall rail transcribing call trackingphonexa call tracking transcription
Conversion of calls into written data using speech-recognition software for reviewing them without listening and extracting insights
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
CALL FORWARDINGwhatconverts call routingcallrail call tracking and forwardingphonexa call forwarding
An essential call flow management feature, call forwarding automatically routs incoming calls to other phone numbers based on predefined rules
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
EMAIL NOTIFICATIONSwhatconverts automated emails softwarecallrail automated emails toolphonexa email notifications
Instant updates on call activity for timely responses and creating notifications for customers and partners
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
STANDARD CALL FLOW BUILDERwhatconverts call tracking routing interfacecallrail call tracking interfacephonexa call tracking customization
The call tracking software interface for creating and customizing the journey of incoming fallsIntuitive interface that needs a little visual improvementFunctional and flexible call builder. Visually, there\’s room for improvement.
Score5 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
CUSTOM AGENT SETUP\xa0callrail user roles toolphonexa user roles software
Assignment and customization of user roles and permissions within the call tracking system
YouTube video explaining managing accounts and users

There are several levels of advanced access for each user
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
AUTO LEAD TAGGINGcallrail call tracking tags
Automatic assigning of tags to calls based on various factors for the easy categorization of tracked calls
Doesn\’t include tagging summary
Score0 out of 33 out of 32 out of 3
MOBILE APPcallrail appphonexa call tracking campaigns
Provides flexibility of monitoring and managing campaigns on-the-goSimple application with no advanced features.
Score0 out of 53 out of 55 out of 5
ADVANCED CALL FLOW STEPSwhatconverts call flow steps softwarecallrail call tracking flow stepsphonexa advanced call tracking routing
Complex routing and handling of calls based on customizable rules and criteria
Callers can be routed to a business location closest to them.

Phonexa develops customized call flow features based on the customers requests.
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
INTEGRATIONSwhatconverts connectivitiescallrain call tracking integrationsphonexa call tracking integrations
Ability to connect call tracking systems with other tools and platforms, such as CRMs
Integrations with 82 brands
CallRail includes integrations with 60 brandsPhonexa lists 23 integrations. Also, the platform features many integrated marketing automation and user behavior tools.
Score5 out of 54 out of 53 out of 5
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEwhatconverts ai for call tracking toolscallrail call tracking ai softwarephonexa call tracking company ai
AI in call tracking is used for various purposes such as analyzing conversations and automating call routingDoesn\’t include features with AI but offers integrations with AI tools.The AI in CallRail is powerful, but not the best in the category.Phonexa provides some AI features, such as voice recognition.
Score1 out of 54 out of 52 out of 5
WHITE LABELwhatconverts call tracking software with white label functionalitycallrail call tracking with white labelphonexa call tracking company white label
Customization of software interface to include branding elements for enhanced reputation and user experience
Score3 out of 33 out of 33 out of 3
FREE VERSION OR TRIAL PERIODA free 14-day trialA free 14-day trialThere is no free trial version
TOTAL SCORE61 out of 7974 out of 7969 out of 79
%77,22%93,67% 87,34%

4. WhatConverts.com: Pros and Cons


Cost-effective solution if you need to track call leads
Friendly and helpful customer service
Intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard
Detailed segmentation of customers based on their preferences and behaviors


Lack of a mobile app
Doesn’t include some automation features needed for large agencies

Can I Choose to Not Swap a Phone Number on my Site?

There are a variety of reasons why you, as the owner of a website, might not want a particular number to change on your page. Include the class “no-swap” on the HTML element containing the phone number to stop WhatConverts from changing the number. The phone number that you don’t want to change will be in bold on your website.

Why am I not Seeing Phone Call Conversions in Google Ads?

The most frequent reasons for phone conversions not appearing in Google Ads are: Your tracking numbers from WhatConverts are not part of a dynamic number pool. In Google Ads, auto-tagging is not enabled. Your Google Ads account does not currently have our tracking template added. Your Google Ads account and WhatConverts are not connected.

What is First Click Attribution?

Illustrations of First Click Attribution Using First Party Data On May 1st, a user finds your website through a Google Organic search while looking into a product you sell. Through a Facebook Remarketing campaign, people return to your website on May 15 after two weeks have passed. One of your tracking numbers is called by them. Because the consumer arrived at your website via Google Organic, the call will be recorded as a Google Organic lead. When a user clicks on a Google Ads text link, they are directed to one of your dedicated landing pages for paid search traffic. They leave your website but return later that day after discovering your business through a Google Organic search. They dial a number. The lead will be listed as a Google/CPC lead in this instance. The lead will be attributed to all of the initial marketing information that drove the user to your website. The Lead Page will be the page they were on when they made the call, while the Landing Page in your Lead Details will be the sponsored search landing page.

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