Ringostat call tracking review

Ringostat: What is it?

      A call monitoring, end-to-end analytics, calling, and messaging tool is called Ringostat.

According to the vendor, it promotes marketing optimization in light of cost recovery, as well as successful customer engagement and revenue growth. Among comparable services in Eastern Europe, they identify Ringostat as the sole approved Google Analytics technological partner.

The Ringostat platform consists of seven different products: call tracking, insider, messenger, virtual PBX, callback widget, and end-to-end analytics. By creating a single ecosystem, they cover the following three key areas: analytics, communication, and sales. The seller advises customers to work together to get the best results even if each product can be used independently.

The firm adds that personalized settings for more than 90% of parameters and a well-planned interface make working with Ringostat products easier and more pleasant.

Where does call tracking obtain information about the advertisement the caller is receiving?

The web analytics system script now includes a call tracking script. Yandex or Google Analytics, as examples. Metrics. The call tracking code “takes” a copy” of the information that Google Analytics gathers when a user visits the website.But how does call tracing connect the call to its origin? This is what takes place: Call tracking replaces the genuine company number on the website with a fake one when someone clicks through from an advertisement; when a client calls, call tracking routes the call to the real company number; The system compares the calling number with the source of the advertisement: Using the phrase “purchase a chair” in the “Promotion” search campaign, the visitor called (044)222-22-22, for instance; The call record includes extra information in addition to the call’s advertising source: the caller’s phone number, who picked up the phone, and the conversation’s audio recording

How can I calculate the amount of replacement numbers I’ll need for my website?

The volume of visitors to your website and the quantity of advertising channels affect the amount of replacement numbers. Managers compute how many substitute numbers are required for each new Ringostat client. The software routinely does the computation automatically for current users. Additionally, it provides advice on how many numbers to add if there is increased traffic

What advantages does connected call tracking bring me?

There are numerous advantages rather than simply one. Additionally, they are all intelligent. Recognizing the best way to allocate the budget for increased profit. Call tracking reveals which advertisements generate your calls and requests. You must contribute to more ineffective public groups and labor initiatives. the capacity to boost advertising and get more leads as a result. You’ll discover which phrases and ideas are most effective. can be utilized to produce fresh, powerful effects. enhancing the caliber of the sales division. Call tracking reveals whether or not your calls are missed and how long it takes them to pick up the phone. You can listen to calls to see whether employee error is the cause of any sales disruptions

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