Intelisale call tracking review

      What is Intelisale?

The wholesale commerce and distribution sector’s B2B sales are the focus of the SaaS startup Intelisale. Since 2015, Intelisale has worked to enhance both individual salesman performance and overall business objectives. By utilizing the most recent artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Intelisale is enhancing efficiency.

It is a B2B-focused sales ordering system with integrated BI that aids sales reps (on the move or at a desk) in coordinating customer visits, completing quick orders, and tracking individual and organizational goals via cross-platform apps. It allows managers to track outcomes and make choices based on in-depth knowledge of their customers and real-time data in a web-based application.

To enable cross-organizational knowledge and fast communication under one solution with intelligent functions, Intelisale combines big data from ERP systems and machine learning.

App for Cross-Platform Ordering

In a few clicks, write and mail orders or make wish lists.
Utilize Smart Recommendations, client-specific insights, and cross-organizational expertise to be led through the whole sales process.
Get customer-based data and real-time order status.
Visualize your objective using the target overview and flexible price.

Advanced Route Planning

To help reps and management determine whether the schedule is feasible, Intelisale’s innovative route sustainability function provides a calendar overview with feasibility rates, working hours, and turnaround for each day. With clever constraints and suggestions, intelligent route planner significantly reduces the amount of time needed to create routes for each day.

B2C and B2B eCommerce

The cross-platform Intelisale eCommerce solution makes it simple to shop on any device. Since there are no middlemen involved, users may self-serve whenever they need to without having to deal with the inconvenience of phone or email ordering. It offers payment choices, order histories, bespoke catalogs, and custom pricing. The solution reduces the time it takes to process an order by enabling customers to submit order forms and purchase orders and receive a response on the same platform.

Call Control

It can be utilized as a standalone product or integrated into a cross-platform ordering app.
Outbound calls are streamlined by the Smart Dialer, which functions as a personal assistant for each sales representative by providing a suggested list of clients to contact and allotting time for each one based on its segment.
Inbound calls are streamlined by intelligent routing; Intelisale detects the caller ID and connects the call to the appropriate sales representative. Due to the fact that neither the consumer nor the representative needs to repeat oneself, this saves time on both ends.
CRM functionality gives the rep detailed information to boost order size and gratify the customer, including order history, monthly turnaround, anticipated turnaround, and potential.
Call Notes: To store all the information in one place, telesales representatives can write down notes and reminders after each call.
Manager Dashboard – Managers can make use of call center analytics to assess monthly sustainability, keep track of all telesales activity, and efficiently realign agents with under- or over-utilized schedules.

Analytics & BI

With Intelisale’s analytics tool, key metrics are meant to be quickly accessible without having to strain to understand various sorts of data. The user can obtain predefined or customized reports directly from the Intelisale platform – without being tech-savvy – rather than going through ERP or other data sources. The comprehensive and dynamic reports provide a thorough overview of each salesperson’s effectiveness, the organization’s overall goals, and client- or product-based overviews.

Smart Dialer ?

Stop wasting time trying to figure out who to call first. Every sales representative has an Intelisale personal assistant who provides a suggested list of clients to call and allots time for each one based on the segment. Representatives never skip appointments

CRM functionality gives leverage before any call?

Reps can easily access all the information they require before placing or receiving a call. The rep is supplied with thorough information to boost order size and gratify the customer thanks to the order history, monthly turnaround, forecasted turnaround, and potential

Managers have insight at all times?

Managers may easily rearrange employees with under- or over-utilized schedules by using call center analytics to establish monthly sustainability, keep track of all telesales activity, and more

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