Shape Software call tracking review

Shape Software call tracking review

  • Often release great features and have top notch customer service.
  • Shape syncs, advertise, customizes, and provides the best reporting CRM system
  • The additional charge/email sent and esignature

The cloud-based system from Shape includes tools for managing online marketing and promotions, gathering leads from the web, setting up sales pipelines, connecting with clients, and automating daily chores. Businesses in sectors including law, real estate, mortgage, insurance, education, HVAC, and construction are suited for Shape.

The exchange of project information between departments and user roles is made easier by Shape’s collaboration tools. It has a central repository where users can save e-signature contracts, accounts, contacts, documents, photographs, and billing information.

Users can monitor department-specific performance metrics and investigate business-relevant trends using Shape’s configurable dashboard. Call scripting, drip campaign automation, task scheduling, reporting, and interaction with Outlook and Gmail are further features.

With no yearly commitments, Shape is provided on a per user per month subscription basis. It provides email, phone, and online knowledge base help for its customers.

Shape Software call tracking review FAQ

What is pros and cons of Shape Software call tracking review

Shape Software call tracking review Pros:

  • Often release great features and have top notch customer service.
  • Shape syncs, advertise, customizes, and provides the best reporting CRM system

Shape Software call tracking review Cons:

  • The additional charge/email sent and esignature

What is average rating of Shape Software call tracking review

Average rating is 4 based on next metrics: Customer service: 4, Customer support: 4, Lead attribution: 4, Tracking numbers: 4

Shape call tracking
+ Value for money: 6/10
+ Ease of use: 7/10
+ Features and integrations: 9/10
+ Customer support: 6/10
Customer service
Customer support
Lead attribution
Tracking numbers
4.0 Overall Rating

10 Replies to “Shape Software call tracking review”

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    Sam k. says:

    Month after month, the business has been charging us for services we did not enable. Google Maps API costs $300 per month, while call recording costs $500 per month. Do not believe their advertisement for $99/month. The system won’t let us delete our credit card information, and they haven’t given us a refund for the recurring fraudulent billing charges. They only refer you to various departments via email and never pick up the phone. The only time Daniel Kim called me about the issue was when I had already sent in my cancellation notice via email. Unfortunately, it was too late to save our account. I’m trying to find anyone else who Shape has exploited because of the bad things the corporation has done. In order to assemble a strong case and obtain compensation for all those who are eligible, my attorney is asking other parties to come forward.

    Additionally, even the smallest changes must go through their “engineers,” which means you must pay more to make any adjustments that would be detrimental to you and your IT/web development team. Please choose a more reputable firm instead of this one and avoid using them.

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    Timmya G. says:

    The greatest reporting CRM system I’ve used is Shape, which syncs, advertises, customizes, and offers.
    On the platform, you may call, text, email, and send out mass marketing all at once.
    The dashboard reports that display leads, prospects, and real-time data are astounding.
    The software is easy to use and can be customized to my needs from intake through closing.

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    Nilu K. says:

    Shape is great for prospecting, planning, project management, and reporting. I’ve managed numerous team members before, and I still work with a fantastic team now, but after properly configuring Shape, I can do just as much with my own efforts and Shape’s automation as I have in the past with numerous assistants.

    Prospecting: We can import enormous lists of potential customers, and we automatically perform email, text, and phone campaigns with each customer. The nicest part is that there are automated e-mails and SMS that go out after each contact attempt. We can easily take notes after each interaction or contact attempt (I don’t even type, I just use their voicenote tool). For instance, my system will automatically send an email and text message if a prospect doesn’t respond after a conversation. Another feature that saves us time is the voicemail drop option. Whenever I contact someone and they don’t answer, I simply press a button, and a voicemail is left for them.

    Organization: Their mobile app notifies me of everything, my calendar is linked, and their task and project management tools let me and everyone else work from a single hub.

    Reporting: There appear to be more than 100 pre-built reports, but I have no idea how many there are (we primarily use the call reports and email reports; the others are still underutilized).

    My favorite feature—which is probably not that important—is their call recording capability. I can merely play a recording to hear the candidate talk in place of pipeline reports where we used to have to explain how someone sounded on the phone.

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    Pegah S. says:

    Everything was incredibly simple to understand, and the user interface was slick. I had previously used Salesforce, therefore I was very shocked to see how Shape compared to Salesforce. I use it to check on the status of the partners we are onboarding and to prioritize them.

    The ability to keep track of my contacts and automate a lot of follow-up was incredibly helpful. Reporting was also incredibly helpful because I didn’t have to create my own reports every week because I could simply export their pre-built reports.

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    Elisa S. says:

    By far the best mortgage CRM we’ve used. We now intend to use their generic CRM for further businesses we own (property management, call center, and sales). They have all the essential functionality we utilize, but they have a completely different look and feel from the previous systems we’ve used. Excellent LOS integration (we used Encompass but now looking to use Lendingpad). We also make extensive use of their auto-dialer, email/text messaging, and other basic contact management tools. We formerly used Floify, but we now make use of the Shape Mortgage Client Portal. The advantage of this is that, unlike with Floify previously, we can truly nurture leads via email and text marketing. We’re just getting started with them and are eager to see how they perform with our internet marketing.

  • Avatar
    Genevieve J. says:

    Everything was pre-built into the software when it was delivered, or we only needed to click a button on the integration dashboard to connect what we needed.
    Contact management, project management, calendar, e-mail automation, phone dialer, and dialer automation are features that came with Shape and we did not need to add.
    Acuity Scheduling, Stripe, Quickbooks, Zapier, SendGrid, Mailchimp, Gsuite, Outlook, and other services were already integrated.

  • Avatar
    Alisha M. says:

    The setup procedure was rather simple, and Shape’s user interface is clear. We adore how you can handle email and SMS campaign creation and tracking. Although some of the other CRMs we examined offered the same functionality, setting them up seemed to take far longer. They are all cohesively connected by shape.

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    Namrata c. says:

    The ease with which you can utilize it right away. Shape is very aware of the requirements of brokers, and the loan portal’s interface with my LOS is fantastic. The co-branding is one unique aspect.

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    Christian K. says:

    We’ve been using Shape Software for over a year now and we’re very happy with the results. The platform’s lead management and automation features have helped us increase our sales productivity and close more deals. The platform is also very customizable and easy to integrate with our existing systems. The team at Shape Software is also very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!

  • Avatar
    Simon P. says:

    We’ve been using Shape Software for several months now and we’re very impressed with its capabilities. The platform’s lead tracking and management features have helped us streamline our sales process and improve our overall efficiency. The customer support team is also very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend Shape Software to any business looking to improve their sales performance.

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Shape Software call tracking review