Ringover call tracking review

Ringover is what?

Ringover is a collaborative cloud-based phone solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), customer support teams, and sales teams work smarter by giving them access to the features of a professional phone system directly from their CRM and Helpdesk.

From unlimited calls, one-click calling, and automatic data syncing to call monitoring, statistics, and analysis, a fully flexible cloud-based phone system helps users make it easier for their employees to move around and work together.

Users of Ringover can get multiple numbers in 65+ locations and easily switch between them based on the type of call. Using IVR numbers to effectively route calls and manage call queues, you can set up an on-site or remote call center in less than 5 minutes. Get started with your free trial now!

Since 2005, ingover Group has been making SaaS software and running a phone company in Europe. It is a true expert in business telecoms, and since early 2018, it has offered Ringover, a 100% cloud-based solution for voice, video, chat, SMS, and call center communication that 10,000 users trust.

Ringover makes it easy to manage business communications with just a few clicks. It works with business apps and gives real-time statistics.

Our keys are technology know-how from start to finish, an easy-to-use interface, and full support at every step.

With Ringover, you can talk about business from anywhere in the world on your PC or phone. All you need is a regular internet connection.

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