ResponseTap call tracking review

ResponseTap call tracking review

Describe ResponseTap

ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence helps businesses optimize campaigns, maximize revenue, and improve the customer experience by enabling marketers to link the customer trip to the phone contact and call centers to pick up the discussion where the online journey left off.

With clients like Aviva, Virgin Money, Hiscox, Wickes, and WhatCar?, ResponseTap is used by over 1,600 brands to identify the campaigns, channels, and keywords that compel people to call.

Over a few beers at a college bar and a discussion about the disconnect between online and offline customer journeys, ResponseTap was born. Within two years, Google Analytics was integrated into the first campaign-level tracking effort in Europe. And visitor-level tracking went online two years later. ResponseTap has joined the Telegraph’s Tech Start-Up 100 most promising technology start-ups in Europe and the company had 100 clients.

ResponseTap joined Infinity in 2021. As a result of these efforts coming together, consumers can now take advantage of Infinity’s advancements in call monitoring and voice analytics as well as a stronger lineup of services and features.

What categories of users and business types does ResponseTap support?

Mid Size Business, Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government customers and organization types can use ResponseTap.

Which languages does ResponseTap’s software support?

English is one of the languages supported by ResponseTap.

What forms of customer service does ResponseTap provide?

ResponseTap provides online and during business hours service.
ResponseTap call tracking
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6 Replies to “ResponseTap call tracking review”

  • Kieran L. says:

    If you’re not very tech skilled, you can even install the script using GTM because it’s quite easy to set up. Additionally, the customer service is excellent, and you never have to wait too long before someone answers up the phone. Response Tap recently came to our organization and ran a training session as well, which was extremely helpful for new hires.

    The UI can be a bit awkward at times, with a few pages having multiple forms. I believe they may be undergoing a slow upgrade, which would explain this, however in the meanwhile it can be a little challenging to discover things if you are unfamiliar with the platform.

    Response Tap has been utilized by me to monitor conversions from Google search ad campaigns. Our conversion attribution has improved as a result of the calls, providing us more credit for the advertisements we run for our clients.

    Our customer uses a two-step conversion procedure in which newly received conversions must first be examined and approved. This is made possible by Response Tap’s “user history” property, which shows the user’s click IDs and uploads them back into the advertising platforms. This allows us to include the “verified” conversions in Google Analytics and our automatic reporting.

  • Neil R. says:

    Setup was quite simple, and the dashboard contains a ton of excellent insights to help you comprehend and digest your call data. There are also options to export the data so you can use it in other reporting. In order to connect even more data to touch points and give them value, smart match has proven to be a useful addition to the software.

    You still need to log in and manually view/export reports in order to receive all of the detail because not all data can be quickly exported / connected up to your other platforms, such as Google Ads or Analytics.

    The solution aids in demonstrating the complete worth of various website acquisition channels, which is very beneficial from a marketing perspective. With the aid of response tap data, we have on numerous instances been able to demonstrate that a poorly performing PPC campaign is actually valuable.

  • joshua a. says:

    It’s simple to interpret the reports, and it’s simple to listen to calls. We can now better attribute the job we do and keep track of calls thanks to this. Also quick and simple was setup.

    Call records should remain in the log for a little bit longer than 30 days, in my opinion. The ability to review calls that have already been deleted can be valuable.

    Get in touch with them directly and request a platform demonstration to see how it works. We weren’t sure if we wanted to move, but it was simple to do so, and we didn’t miss our previous provider at all.

    What issues is ResponseTap addressing, and how does that help you?
    As a result, attribution is becoming simpler. We can now more readily link a ROI to phone calls, which is realistic in a world where customers might visit your website through several different channels before making a call.

  • Tom E. says:

    ResponseTap was a huge assistance in collaborating with YES Glazing Solutions to deliver just what we required to track our offline conversions.

    Although the interface took some getting accustomed to, ResponseTap was very helpful in setting up our account and customizing it to meet our needs.

    Recommendations for individuals thinking about ResponseTap:
    The UK’s leading telephone tracking system is this one. Their customer service is excellent, and they frequently offer valuable advice on how to maximize your usage of the system.

    ResponseTap’s telephone monitoring technology was ideal for us because we were unable to incorporate our marketing data into conversions that took place offline, such as when customers called us. Now that users have submitted all the data from search engine cookies and filled out a web form, we have access to the exact same data.

  • Panos G. says:

    Both setting up fresh tracking numbers and using the platform are very simple. The reports are also quite illuminating and simple to download and comprehend.

    It takes a little while to figure out how to set up the new numbers, but once you get used to the service, it’s incredibly simple to use!

    Try this service out for your clients; it offers incredibly helpful insights for print advertising in particular, where analytics are lacking.

    For tracking websites and print advertisements, I use Response Tap. It’s helpful to know which print books my clientele respond to the best.

  • DON M. says:

    I like having the option to generate unique numbers for each print advertisements or campaigns so that we can track calls from each to calculate ROI.

    It’s also wonderful to monitor incoming calls, identify their sources, and utilize the information to target and encourage additional incoming sales calls. To examine the particular keywords and other terms used, integration with Google is also quite beneficial.

    There is a limit of 10 static numbers, but the main problem we have, and the reason I didn’t supply 10, is that the call feedback doesn’t work, or record the sales or lead information. Perhaps our phone system is the problem, but we can’t get it to work properly.

    determining which search terms and publication categories result in the most successful inbound sales calls.

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