Callbutton call tracking review

Callbutton call tracking review

  • Many possibilities for analytics
  • Sophisticated design and UI
  • Price
  • Support

   What is Callbutton?

   A call tracking solution called Callbutton is based on personalized call tracking and reporting.

What is call analysis?

An Edge procedure called “call analysis” examines a connection to ascertain whether a real person, fax machine, or answering machine received the call. Call progress analysis (CPA), call progress detection (CPD), and answering machine detection are additional terms used in the industry to refer to call analysis (AMD)

What is call Center analytics?

Call center analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing customer data to discover insightful information about the effectiveness of your service company. These metrics include service level agreement (SLA) performance, revenue, customer retention, and customer effort score.
Callbutton call tracking
+ Value for money: 8/10
+ Ease of use: 9/10
+ Features and integrations: 6/10
+ Customer support: 5/10
Trust & Fairness
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Customer Support
3.8 Overall Rating

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