Call Box call tracking review

Call Box call tracking review

  • Prospect contact information
  • Lead generation
  • Quality leads
  • Revenue estimate or company size

Global callbox lead generation business. We are the only firm with the ability (experience, tools, data, procedures) to serve you worldwide, and we are the largest, most experienced and longest running b2b lead generation company.

Callbox has been helping B2B businesses reach their sales and growth goals since 2004. To do this, we offer a wide range of solutions for lead generation, meeting setup and data-driven solutions. Callbox connects with your target customers using a multi-sensory, multi-channel strategy. This means that at various stages of the conversion cycle, we engage decision makers in one-on-one, real-time discussions supported by email, social media, search, and direct marketing channels.

Callbox, a B2B marketing agency with offices in three different locations in the Philippines and a head office in California, has already completed over 10,000 projects across industries and B2B regions. Callbox uses many exclusive tools, such as an extensive internal B2B database, lead development capabilities, and pipeline management features, to ensure the success of every campaign.

What is Callbox Inc.?

In addition to appointment setting, webinar marketing, and database solutions, Callbox provides B2B lead generation services.

What are Callbox Inc.’s top competitors?

Common substitutes for Callbox Inc. include CIENCE and KlientBoost.

Who uses Callbox Inc.?

The banking sector and mid-sized businesses (51–1,000 people) are the two industries that use Callbox Inc. the most frequently.

Call Box call tracking review FAQ

What is pros and cons of Call Box call tracking review

Call Box call tracking review Pros:

  • Prospect contact information
  • Lead generation
  • Quality leads

Call Box call tracking review Cons:

  • Revenue estimate or company size

What is average rating of Call Box call tracking review

Average rating is 4 based on next metrics: Customer service: 4, Customer support: 4, Lead attribution: 4, Tracking numbers: 4

Call Box call tracking
+ Value for money: 8/10
+ Ease of use: 6/10
+ Features and integrations: 7/10
+ Customer support: 5/10
Customer service
Customer support
Lead attribution
Tracking numbers
4.0 Overall Rating

10 Replies to “Call Box call tracking review”

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    Laura S. says:

    What about Callbox do you enjoy best?
    Team members, especially Hera, responded to emails in a very timely manner. This meant that, even after regular business hours, we could always get a prompt resolution to a problem. a lot of insightful criticism on the weekly huddles, along with ideas for improvement.

    It took longer than necessary to have marketing materials approved because the editing of email templates was a time-consuming process and many adjustments needed were not completed the first time. Additionally, we would have benefited from advice on the best language to use, the structures and wording that Callbox found to be most effective, as well as suggestions for how frequently we should consider updating the messaging.

    Make sure your targeted messaging journey is suited to your ICP and carefully design the messaging path you want to take new prospects on. Create bridge sentences to respond to questions or steer the conversation back to the original area of focus. Also, consider any challenging questions or themes that may come up.

    Low market penetration and low brand recognition for the company’s and product’s brands in south-east Asia. Callbox has introduced us to a wider choice of businesses abroad, particularly in the Philippines.

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    Perry R. says:

    – Despite the time zone difference, the team appears to be available at all times.

    – Our sales team seems like a natural extension of the callbox crew.

    They have no problems changing their procedure to reflect our present objectives (which can change frequently)

    – The account leadership team consistently improves the efficiency of our entire sales process.

    – A seamless handoff from Callbox to our internal Sales team is made possible by the fact that the majority of prospects we talk with always acknowledge their interactions with our Callbox Account Executives.

    We have not encountered any problems that could not be resolved with a short, high-quality call. Most of the time, the Callbox staff is already aware of the alleged issue and is prepared to offer advice or solutions that would effectively address it.

    I advise you to remain participating in the process if you desire a fruitful partnership with Callbox. Spending some time up front and being open about your objectives is helpful since they are prepared to do anything they can to make sure your campaign is successful. Although Callbox has a process, they are open to making small adjustments along the way to fit with your timetable, internal procedures, etc.

    One of our main resources for generating leads is Callbox. – Callbox has been used by our company to connect with leaders in a number of different industries. They have constantly met and frequently surpassed our expectations for this kind of service, from initiating contact with prospects to building relationships with them to scheduling the initial discovery call and controlling all touch points. They have consistently appeared to deliver.

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    Sean B. says:

    The tools and approach used by Callbox to generate leads are ideal. For the outreach, they are using voice, email, and social media. In a very short amount of time, they have additionally invested the effort to comprehend our business.

    There isn’t anything I dislike about Callbox at this stage in our journey with it. They are taking the time to polish our messaging, which increases the quality of the leads we are receiving.

    Spend quality time with them bringing them up to speed on your company’s operations while taking the effort to comprehend how their methodology operates.

    Callbox was discovered to aid in accelerating CLEARGOALS’ expansion because we needed to generate leads. After six weeks of our engagement, we have already passed ten leads.

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    Steve S. says:

    The staff is devoted to making sure we succeed. Every week, we assess our progress and make changes. Callbox frequently brings proposals to the meeting that are based on their own experiences.

    Not a lot. They follow through on what they promise to do.

    We are a small business with just one salesperson. Callbox is a full-service, expert lead generation and appointment arranging business. With its infrastructure, Callbox can reach thousands of contacts each week in a variety of ways at a very low cost.

    Our salesperson’s appointments are being made through Callbox. They oversee phone, email, and LinkedIn outreach, and we both contributed to the list-building process.

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    Almudena A. says:

    For me, the team is what really makes a difference. They have a great value to our business and have merged well with our team because they are adaptable and dedicated.
    Not a lot. Simply outsourcing the inside sales requires you to invest more effort in helping them comprehend the services they are marketing.

    We are able to improve our inside sales capability thanks to Callbox. creating marketing initiatives to draw in new contacts for both potential and current clients. We have been able to connect with high-profile people in recent years, which has opened up a lot of new possibilities for the team.

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    Marcos F. says:

    always supportive ready to come up with solutions and ideas for problems. Appreciate how adaptable they are when conducting course corrections or accommodating changes to plans.

    Not much a dislike, more of a foundation for the future. The ability to create content could definitely use an overhaul. It would be ideal to be able to create excellent content for print, the web, or videos. Currently, it fulfills its purpose but may not exactly conform to company requirements.

    They assisted with lead generation and handled all of the labor-intensive scoring, nurturing, and conversion tasks. This allowed us to concentrate on our main tasks by offloading a large portion of the workload.

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    Nick H. says:

    Provide a wide variety of goods, customization, reports, and integrations with different CRMs. Pros: I appreciate that elead allows you to use the frames in reports and click 2 call with callbox without logging in elsewhere.
    Cons: While there may occasionally be server failures (like with any software), they usually recover quickly

  • Avatar
    Josh P. says:

    Positive aspects include the call listening and reports’ classification of appointment status.
    Cons: The reports occasionally choose the incorrect labels for visits involving new patients versus established patients.

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    Savannah T. says:

    Call Box has helped us to streamline our call tracking process and has given us valuable insights into our customers’ behavior. The platform is easy to use and the reporting is top-notch. Overall, we’re very happy with our experience with Call Box.

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    Daphne C. says:

    We’ve been using Call Box for a while now and it’s been a game changer for our business. The call tracking and analytics have allowed us to make data-driven decisions and improve our customer experience. The customer support is also fantastic and they’re always willing to help out whenever we need it.

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Call Box call tracking review