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About Tracking Calls with Analytic

We help marketers who are tired of guessing where their leads are coming from get the best return on investment (ROI) from their advertising. The REAL problem is when marketers don’t have a good way to measure, analyze, and optimize campaign data, so they try to solve problems blindly without knowing what’s causing them. What they really need is a tool that lets them accurately measure the attribution of the leads they’re generating, because you can’t improve (optimize) what you can’t track.

And that’s exactly what Analytic Call Tracking was made to do.

Analytic Call Tracking is a hosted service that lets companies and agencies buy and assign phone numbers, set up caller IDs, and manage how calls come in and go out. It has a round-robin calling feature that lets businesses set up a list of phone numbers and send incoming calls to those numbers in order or at certain times.

Businesses can use Analytic Call Tracking to find marketing channels and assign phone numbers to specific channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Google. It lets users keep track of where and how many callers are coming in, record calls, and get email alerts when goals are reached. There are also other features like managing user permissions, keeping track of history, call handler exceptions, voice broadcasting, and more.

Agents can connect with customers, see incoming, outgoing, answered, and unanswered calls, and make reports based on trends, phone codes, and campaigns by using mobile apps on Android and iOS devices. Analytic Call Tracking is available with a monthly subscription, and help is available through a knowledge base, a help desk, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Message from Our Founder Ben Pate:

I’ve found that most marketers want to be seen as more than just “hired guns.” They want to be seen as important to the business’s strategy and growth. And they want something that will give them an edge RIGHT NOW and keep that edge as long as they are in business.

They might think that their clients need to spend more money on marketing and advertising (the old tactic of throwing more money at a problem). They think they need to be on more channels more often. Or, they need to convince their clients to do more content marketing, blogging, or social media, or to put more money into SEO, CRO, and other parts of the marketing ecosystem.

All of this, though, is just a way to cover up the real problem. What’s missing is the ability to track and analyze the right data, then use it to get the best return on investment for their clients.

So, these marketers end up working harder and putting in more hours to try to figure out what their clients’ campaigns are all about. Or, they try out the latest strategy or tactic they read about in a Facebook group and hope it works, but they don’t really know what they’re doing or why. They keep spending money, but they don’t always get what they want out of it.

Today’s marketers really need a tool that lets them accurately measure the attribution of the leads they’re generating, because you can’t improve what you can’t measure. With the right data, they can finally focus on what works and brings in a return on investment, instead of wasting time and money trying to scale campaigns without knowing what works.

They just need to realize that what they need isn’t the latest strategy or tactic, a bigger budget, a new platform, or anything too fancy. No matter how attractive they are, they need to know and understand the right numbers. That’s what will lead them to the levels of success they know they can reach.

Pricing for Analytic Call Tracking

Plans that are paid for every month start at $19.99 per month. There are also discounted annual subscriptions.

Price to start:19.99 dollars a month
Free to try:Available
Free version:Not Available

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