55PBX call tracking review

Having a trustworthy and efficient call monitoring tool is crucial for handling calls in a professional context. One such platform is the cloud-based call management and tracking system 55PBX. With the purpose of assisting you in determining if 55PBX is the ideal call monitoring platform for your company’s requirements, we will examine 55PBX in further detail in this review.


55PBX offers a wide range of features to help businesses manage their calls effectively. These features include:

  • Call recording: 55PBX enables you to record each incoming and outgoing call, giving you a useful tool for quality assurance and training.
  • Call routing: With 55PBX, you may direct calls to particular teams or people in accordance with your company’s requirements. By ensuring that calls are routed to the proper person, this function contributes to better customer service.
  • Call monitoring: 55PBX provides thorough call tracking information that you can use to evaluate call volume, duration, and other metrics to learn more about the call activity of your company.
  • IVR system: You may personalize callers’ greetings and menus with 55PBX’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, which enhances their entire experience.
  • Voicemail transcription: 55PBX transcribes voicemails, making it simple to listen to, evaluate, and quickly reply to them.

Simplicity of Use

An easy-to-use interface and a simple design make 55PBX a user-friendly system. To ensure users get the most out of the platform, it is simple to set up and configure. Additionally, the platform provides a wealth of online documentation and support.


Any size of business may find a price plan that works for them at 55PBX. Basic plans start at $24.95 per month, with higher-tier options offering more features and capabilities. Before committing to a premium plan, organizations may explore the platform during a free trial period.


With cutting-edge encryption and other security mechanisms in place to safeguard private call data, 55PBX takes security seriously. Also, the platform complies entirely with all industry norms and rules, such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Customer Service

Many customer service alternatives are available from 55PBX, including online help, video training, and live chat assistance. The platform’s customer support staff is attentive and competent, offering quick support to help businesses address any problems or worries they may be experiencing.


In order to assist businesses handle their calls efficiently, 55PBX is a robust and user-friendly call tracking platform that provides a wide range of features and capabilities. 55PBX is a great solution for organizations of all sizes with to its sophisticated call recording, routing, and tracking features, user-friendly UI, and several customer service choices.

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