11Sight call tracking review

Any business that relies on phone calls to connect with its customers needs to have call tracking as a tool. It enables companies to improve customer service, optimize advertising budget, and assess the success of their marketing initiatives. Leading call tracking software 11Sight offers a full range of services for companies of all sizes.

Features of 11Sight

Businesses may track calls, analyze data, and enhance customer interactions with the aid of a number of services offered by 11Sight. The platform’s salient characteristics include the following:

Tracking and recording of calls

Businesses may monitor and record each incoming and outgoing call with 11Sight. They may use this to trace the origin of their calls, assess the amount of calls they get, and find areas for development.

Analytics in real time

With the use of the platform’s real-time statistics, organizations can keep an eye on their call volume, call duration, and call source. This data may be utilized to enhance marketing campaigns, monitor the success of sales initiatives, and enhance customer support.

Syncing with CRMs

11Sight has integrations with popular CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce. Businesses may now immediately record call data in their CRM, providing them with a more comprehensive picture of their customer interactions.

Video chat and SMS

Text and video chat are also supported by 11Sight in addition to audio calls. By enabling companies to interact with consumers in the method that suits them best, the entire customer experience is enhanced.

Benefits of Using 11Sight

Using 11Sight can provide a range of benefits for businesses, including:

Enhanced Client Services

Businesses can find areas where their customer service can be improved by tracking calls and analyzing data in real-time. More consumer satisfaction and greater brand loyalty may result from this.

Improved Marketing ROI

Businesses can monitor the success of their marketing campaigns with the help of real-time analytics from 11Sight and adjust their spending accordingly. More return on investment for their advertising budgets may result from this.

Increased Sales Process Efficiency

Businesses may optimize their sales processes with the aid of 11Sight, which integrates with CRMs and offers real-time call data. This can result in a sales staff that responds more quickly.

Higher Revenue

Businesses may increase income through improving the customer experience and optimizing marketing initiatives. The characteristics of 11Sight can aid companies in locating and seizing growth opportunities.


The complete call tracking software 11Sight offers organizations a number of advantages, including better customer service and higher income. It’s a great option for organizations of all sizes because to its extensive feature set and connectivity with top CRM systems. 11Sight is absolutely something to think about if you want to improve your phone-based client interactions.

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