Retreaver call tracking review

Retreaver call tracking review

  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Customer support
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What is it?

     Retreaver aids marketers in understanding the path of their customers. By identifying, tracking, and directing the caller to the proper person or department, the cloud-based software gives real-time inbound call data. To provide personalized experiences and boost conversion rates, users can make use of data from well-known marketing platforms like HubSpot, Eloqua, and Instapage. This information aids in determining which initiatives generate the most income, boost consumer satisfaction, and encourage higher conversion rates.

Retreaver gives you the option to build your own call data characteristics based on unique tags. Any concept you can think of might be made into a personalized tag. You gain more control over your marketing and analytics when tags are linked to a number or client.

Retreaver offers complete access to its API and supports a growing number of third-party integrated platforms. This enables you to integrate its features into your own pages and makes it possible for intelligent agencies wanting to maximize their sales efforts to use incredibly potent tools.

The business claims to provide clients with exceptionally competitive pricing structures and claims there are no contracts or imposed monthly responsibilities.

The vendor lists the following as important differentiators:
removes monthly paywalls and gives full access to our API.

  1. Offers a special and strong platform customization capability
  2. Makes connections with other agencies to broaden your network
  3. Offers contracts-free, competitive pricing options
  4. Extends a responsive support group

What is the Retreaver?

Retreaver is a platform for call tracking that interacts with current marketing automation systems like Oracle and Salesforce and is powered by robust analytics and built-in security

Who are Retreaver’s main rivals?

Retreaver is frequently replaced by CallRail, Invoca, and CallFire

The Retreaver user base

Small Businesses (1–50 people) and the Financial Services sector are where Retreaver is most frequently used

Retreaver call tracking review FAQ

What is pros and cons of Retreaver call tracking review

Retreaver call tracking review Pros:

  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Customer support

Retreaver call tracking review Cons:

  • N/A

What is average rating of Retreaver call tracking review

Average rating is 3.5 based on next metrics: Customer service: 4, Customer support: 4, Lead attribution: 3, Tracking numbers: 3

Retreaver call tracking
+ Value for money: 8/10
+ Ease of use: 7/10
+ Features and integrations: 5/10
+ Customer support: 7/10
Customer service
Customer support
Lead attribution
Tracking numbers
3.5 Overall Rating

5 Replies to “Retreaver call tracking review”

  • Avatar
    Jimmie Ice says:

    Throughout the entire company, [Retreaver] is in use. It is used by sales representatives, team supervisors, corporate officers, and marketing. It aids in addressing company issues like the caliber of the calls we are placing to various customers.

  • Avatar
    Kevin W. says:

    Call routing made simple
    Overall: For more than five years, my organization has been using Retreaver. The device is simple to use, and the company offers first-rate customer service. Retreaver has assisted us in expanding as a result of the increase in call volume, and they are constantly trying to introduce new technology or services to help us expand even further.
    Pros: capability for call routing clear, simple user interface
    Cons: More detailed dashboards or reporting

  • Avatar
    Kyle A. says:

    Platform for High-Value/High-Performance Call Routing and Tracking
    In conclusion, the Retreaver crew and product are excellent, leaving very little to be desired. Due to Retreaver’s ability to construct deep, granular setup for each unique campaign and client demand, we have witnessed two of our primary call routing KPIs (Conversion rate and EPC) surge since moving to the platform. This makes it possible for us to quickly locate the ideal location for each call.
    Pros: Retreaver is the market leader in call routing and call tracking software, and it played a key role in developing the modern pay-per-call market. The Retreaver platform is incredibly powerful, but it also has a very sophisticated call routing campaign creation feature. Retreaver’s ability to communicate data with calls (both inbound and transfers) is one of their value-adds, and this capability is essential given how the pay-per-call / performance marketing field is evolving. The Retreaver staff is small yet very engaged and driven to see its customers thrive. One of the main reasons we will always choose Retreaver is their help staff.
    Cons: There are certain limits to the reporting and user interface, such as the inability to filter by EPC in campaign view. Although the UX/UI could be more user-friendly and modernized overall, this would not significantly detract from the software. Retreaver is preferred because it allows data transmission and is reasonably priced. Also, the Retreaver crew offers excellent support.

  • Avatar
    Ryder K. says:

    Retreaver’s call tracking platform has been a game-changer for our business. The platform is very user-friendly and the reporting features provide valuable insights into our customer interactions. The customer support team is also very knowledgeable and always available to help.

  • Avatar
    Ryan D. says:

    Our company has really benefited from Retreaver’s call tracking tool. The software is really easy to use, and the reporting tools offer insightful data on how we connect with our customers. Additionally highly competent and always willing to assist, the customer support staff.

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Retreaver call tracking review