LeadsPedia call tracking review

What is LeadsPedia?

With the use of extensive validation, verification, routing, and monitoring features, users of LeadsPedia may distribute leads and track and route calls.

LeadsPedia was created to consolidate information in one place so that it can be used to make sales and marketing decisions more quickly and accurately.

LeadsPedia Features

  • Lead Distribution
  • Online Tracking
  • Call Tracking and Routing

What are perks and other benefits like at LeadsPedia?

Smaller companies sometimes are a challenge BUT it does allow for performance to make impactful benefits.

How are career development opportunities at LeadsPedia?

Great culture! – Co-Workers are amazing – Plenty of opportunities for career growth & Ongoing career development – Management allows for flexibility – Great work life balance structure

What are co-workers like at LeadsPedia?

Prior to working for LeadsPedia, I have never been a part of a team that collaborates so closely together and where you can truly see the impact of your hard work.

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