Exotel call tracking reviews

Exotel call tracking reviews

  • VOIP
  • Execution
  • Speed
  • Communication
  • Not for large companies
  • Volume of texts

    Just what is Exotel?
 In emerging markets, Exotel’s full-stack customer engagement platform helps connect multiple channels (and their data) to digital mediums like apps, web UI, and more, so that conversations can be smart and relevant. The Exotel platform is run by communication APIs, an omnichannel contact center, and conversational AI. Exotel was founded in 2011 and now works with more than 6000 companies in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. These companies include Ola, Swiggy, GoJek, and Byju’s.


With the help of Exotel, a safe and dependable business phone system in the cloud, you can have a single business phone number from which you can make or receive calls and SMSs simultaneously. It is the most effective approach to manage your business calls because you can have professional IVR greetings, route calls using call logic that you may specify, get notifications for missed calls, and more.

How is cloud telephony different from internet telephony,VOIP, and services like Skype

Cloud calling, which is a subset of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) that provides voice communication services, is sometimes referred to as cloud telephony and is pertinent in a corporate setting. A telephony system must be installed, whether it is an internet-based VOIP system or a PRI/PSTN-based PBX system, at a significant capital cost. With cloud telephony, this cost is eliminated because it is moved to the cloud. Cloud telephony services relieve organizations of the expense of purchasing and storing stand-alone hardware, such as PBX boxes, and allow users to make calls directly from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. The following setup example

Is there any limitation to the number of contacts for which I can create an SMS Campaign?

The good news is that currently there are no limitations to the number of contacts for which an SMS Campaign can be created. However, the only restriction is for the list with the contacts. The CSV file size needs to be under 10 MB
Exotelcall tracking
+ Value for money: 6/10
+ Ease of use: 5/10
+ Features and integrations: 6/10
+ Customer support: 5/10
Trust & Fairness
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Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
3.5 Overall Rating

2 Replies to “Exotel call tracking reviews”

  • Tanish Pruthi says:

    My company’s SDR (Sales Development Representative) and customer support team mostly use Exotel to place and take calls from potential customers or buyers who need support. In essence, it gives us access to a single, shared cloud platform where we can place calls at affordable prices. Every call placed through the platform is also recorded, which helps us monitor call quality and take care of our calling team’s training requirements. Additionally, it benefits our clients and leads by enabling quick and simple communication with our staff to address their issues.

  • Bruno Star says:

    When we launched our offshore site in India, we utilized EXotel. It talked of having a platform there.

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