CallSource call tracking review

How does CallSource work?

CallSource has advanced call tracking technologies that use real human call analysts instead of machine learning to gather business intelligence about your customers and the effectiveness of your marketing programs. These technologies also help improve the performance of your call handlers and the reputation of your brand.

CallSource is the best business performance system that uses technology to increase our clients’ sales, profits, and good name. CallSource was the first company to track calls, and now it is the leader in actionable analytics. We give our clients insights that help them find, plan, and implement solutions based on their sales performance data.

Since 1991, CallSource has recorded and analyzed more than a billion phone calls. They have helped thousands of businesses in the United States, Canada, and Australia with cost-per-lead analysis, sales conversion percentages, sales recapture solutions, training and coaching solutions, and more.

As a business, CallSource thinks it’s important to improve our clients’ and our own performance and results.

Call tracking – what is it?

Call tracking is a kind of marketing attribution that precisely pinpoints how callers find and get in touch with your company. For each marketing campaign (website, direct mail, newsletter, radio ad—anywhere you publish your phone number) that you wish to track, call tracking at its most basic level necessitates posting a distinct phone number (local or toll free). Calls to these numbers are forwarded to your main line at all times (s). This enables you to determine which ad sources generate the most phone calls.

Can my primary office number be tracked?

CallSource normally advises against tracking main line phone numbers, despite the fact that it is technically possible. Those phone numbers frequently receive unrelated calls that have no bearing on marketing ROI.

What is coaching, exactly?

The goal of CallSource’s Call Coaching is to provide your staff with a foundational understanding of the key abilities required to turn more callers into clients.u003cbru003eHigher call-to-appointment rates are directly correlated with improved performance in these fundamental skills.u003cbru003eCallSource offers both Staff Coaching, which enables your team to learn from one another and exchange best practices, and 1:1 Call Coaching, which consists of individual call coaching sessions to increase call handler appointment conversion rate.

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