The Top 6 Call Tracking Programs

It’s difficult to keep track of how leads locate your company. The finest call monitoring software, however, streamlines the procedure by instantly linking a lead’s behaviors to a particular PPC keyword or campaign. A call monitoring service also sends the call to an agent, assigns it to a marketing action, and displays customer data.

According to our analysis, the following call tracking service companies are the best:

  • CallTrackingMetrics: The top overall and multichannel call tracking program
  • Best option for tracking e-commerce transactions is WhatConverts
  • Retreaver is the best call tracking service for marketers looking for a personalized, cost-effective strategy.
  • The best option is CallRail for small businesses in need of a subscription-based plan with free phone numbers.
  • Convirza is the best alternative for businesses seeking sophisticated routing options on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Ringba: Ideal for businesses looking for seamless white label solutions

Best Overall & Best for Multi-channel Tracking: CallTrackingMetrics

What We Enjoy

  • iPhone, Android, and iPad mobile apps.
  • Supports campaigns using mass text messages.
  • For custom integrations, use an open application programming interface (API).

What’s Absent

  • Entry-level plans exclude automated and intelligent routing options.
  • For businesses with large call volumes, usage costs might become expensive.
  • Spam detection is an additional fee for each caller.

Pricing for CallTrackingMetrics

  • Business: $39 per month plus basic call routing and interfaces with Google/Bing use
  • The cost of marketing is $99 per month plus the cost of using intelligent routing and connecting to Facebook and HubSpot.
  • Contact Center: $299 per month additional usage for Salesforce/Zendesk integrations and agent performance reports.
  • Enterprise: Specialized price for products with service level agreements, individualized training, and technical support (SLA).

*Usage fees, which include per-minute and phone number costs, are additional. Monthly payments are used to calculate prices. For a discount, customers can also prepay annually.

Scalable call tracking solution CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) provides dynamic number insertion (DNI) and reliable conversation information. For tracking purposes, DNI automatically assigns a unique number to each ad source. CallTrackingMetrics is unique in that it tracks not only phone calls but also text, chat, and form messages. Ad extensions and click-to-call ads are included with every subscription. Additionally, it has well-liked VoIP (voice over internet protocol) business phone capabilities like call whisper and call recording.

The program also use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize keywords as your caller speaks. The AI tool then automates the subsequent actions. For instance, the system might send an account manager an email automatically if a caller says “cancel” during a discussion.

Additionally, CallTrackingMetrics offers local and toll-free numbers in more than 80 different nations. Only Ringba comes close to this, supporting four nations as opposed to CallRail’s nearly 60. However, CallTrackingMetrics’ subscription does not come with any free minutes or phone lines. Retreaver or WhatConverts are options to explore if you like more all-inclusive solutions.

The monthly price is $39 plus use. Annual payments can save you money, and all plans include 30 days of free call tracing. Depending on the plan tier and phone number type, additional usage fees range from $1.25 to $3.50 per phone number and 3.5 cents to 6.5 cents each minute (local or toll-free).

Features of CallTrackingMetrics

  • Intelligent call routing and automation: Choose their Marketing package to take advantage of a GeoRouter that automatically connects callers with agents in their area or routes them to a particular representative based on their prior behavior. Additionally, this strategy incorporates intelligent word detection, which initiates actions in response to linguistic cues. Additionally, WhatConverts provides geo routing for a reduced monthly fee.
  • CallTrackingMetrics tracks the origin of the majority of communication channels, such as phone calls, texts, chats, and forms. The ad, channel, keywords, and website pages visited, as well as their call history, are all included in the call information.
  • Text and phone options In more than 80 countries, you can select between local, vanity, or toll-free tracking numbers. Alternatively, you can utilize the GeoContact tool to show your customer local numbers. The five- and six-digit shortcodes required for bulk text messaging are additionally provided by CallTrackingMetrics.

WhatConverts: Best for Monitoring Online Purchases

What We Enjoy

  • Possibly less expensive in terms of usage fees than alternative services.
  • Tools for assigning and calculating lead and sales values in WordPress with the ability to tie source data to e-commerce orders.

What’s Absent

  • No plans or add-ons include spam detection There are no mobile apps.
  • lacks automation and intelligence aspects.

Price WhatConverts

  • Pro: $50 per account for up to 29 numbers, up to 1,205 minutes, and the report builder.
  • Plus: $30 per account for up to 12 numbers, up to 610 minutes, and integration with Bing and Google.
  • Agency: $200 gets you access to client accounts, 133 numbers, infinite accounts, and 5,670 minutes.
  • Free 14-day trial.

*For each phone number added, included plan minutes are reduced.

Call monitoring software called WhatConverts provides sophisticated lead management capabilities and a robust reporting engine. Additionally, it’s the only company on our list that offers phone tracking services that also keeps track of online purchases. Call recording, transcriptions, campaign and keyword tracking, and monthly pricing are all included in their packages.

Automatic call routing is supported by both WhatConverts and CallTrackingMetrics, although only WhatConverts plans include phone numbers and minutes. Additionally, all of the options allow for personalized branding, but only the Agency edition allows for tracking multiple businesses. Contrary to CTM, WhatConverts does not provide text message tracking unless a third party integration through Zapier is included.

WhatConverts’ pricing structure is distinctive. You can choose how many local or toll-free phone numbers you want using a sliding scale, after which you can see how many minutes are included in the plan. You might, for instance, select six local numbers and receive 335 minutes with the $30 Plus bundle. Visit WhatConverts to get the ideal strategy for your company.

Features of WhatConverts

  • Data pertaining to online sales: Sign into WhatConverts with your Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, or WooCommerce account to view transaction marketing data tracking on your dashboard or through email. To make it simple to track your return on investment, you may view source information for website visits and customers (ROI).
  • Lead management: Prior to forwarding the information to your customer relationship manager, internal users can help classify leads and determine lead value (CRM). Additionally, your sales representatives can qualify up to 50 leads in 15 minutes by using filtering and grouping features to create lists by campaign or keyword. Consider auto-dialer software if you want a solution with more sales features.
  • Flexible reporting: WhatConverts reports are completely customisable, right down to the branding, in contrast to CallRail or Convirza. Customize the kind of data you use, the chart design, and the scheduling choices.

Best Call Tracking Software for Limited Resources

What We Enjoy

  • For small teams just beginning to use call tracking software, it is more economical.
  • A common feature is dynamic call routing depending on caller history.
  • Possibility of adding trackable extensions to any number in order to use a promo code.

What’s Absent

  • No live chat option for client support.
  • No mobile applications or spam filters.
  • There is no option for text messaging or text source tracking.

Pricing for Retreavers

  • 50 Calls: $25 for 200 minutes, 15 numbers, $1 per extra number, and 5 cents per minute over.
  • 250 Calls: $65 for 1,000 minutes and 15 numbers.
  • 500 Calls: $125 for 2,000 minutes and 25 numbers.
  • 2,500 Calls: $525 for 10,000 minutes and 25 numbers.
  • 5,000 Calls: $1,000 for 20,000 minutes, 50 numbers, and 47.5 cents per minute over.

An innovative pay-per-use service called Retreaver offers 200 minutes and 15 numbers for only $25. When using Convirza ($4 per number) or Ringba ($3 per number), you would pay almost twice as much for only phone numbers. Retreaver, however, charges an additional 1 cent per minute for call controls during a live call, such as call transfer and hold.

This call monitoring tool offers automated workflows based on caller data, conversion reporting, and intelligent call routing. HubSpot and Salesforce connectors don’t require you to be a member of a mid- or upper-tier plan, in contrast to CallTrackingMetrics. Additionally, it offers more statistics and reporting information than WhatConverts, but with a little less customisation.

Since Retreaver is a pay-as-you-go service, it could be more difficult for you to calculate your monthly expenses because the fees rise with usage. Use a subscription-based call tracking solution like CallRail if you would feel more comfortable constantly knowing what your charges will be.

Features of Retreaver

  • Call tagging: Retreaver, like WhatConverts, enables webhooks for developing automated workflows, such as producing post-call tasks or automatically transmitting source data to connected third-party software.
  • Utilize intelligent call routing to direct callers to particular extensions or play a prerecorded message notifying them that they have already redeemed a promotional code, for example.
  • Call logs and call flows: You can filter call logs by number, campaign, call source, or call endpoint using Retreaver’s dashboard. From there, you can view call flow information for specific callers to look up the beginning and end of calls.

The Best Subscription Plans with Trackable Phone Numbers are on CallRail


What We Enjoy

  • Management of team performance is covered in the mid-tier package.
  • Entry Plan connects to Facebook apps on iPad and Android.

What’s Absent

  • Only available with the most costly option are call transcripts and form tracking.
  • United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada-only phone numbers
  • Only by email or support ticket for customers.

Pricing for CallRail

  • For 10 local numbers, 500 minutes, and 100 texts, call tracking costs $45 a month (SMS).
  • Call tracking, lead management, and 500 additional softphone minutes are available for $75 per month.
  • Complete CallRail Platform: $175 per month to add 10,000 call transcribing minutes and 100 form submissions.
  • Free 14-day trial.

Similar to WhatConverts, CallRail is a call tracking service with a beginning price that includes minutes and phone numbers. It operates on a subscription-based model. Your total cost of ownership (TCO) may be reduced with CallRail even though additional numbers and minutes cost slightly more. For instance, 10 numbers, 100 text messages, and 500 minutes are included in CallRail’s $45 price. WhatConverts, on the other hand, charged $30 for 10 numbers, 110 minutes, and no text messages.

Call recording, scoring, and forwarding are included in all CallRail plans. HubSpot, Facebook, APIs, and webhooks may all be accessed for free; a higher plan tier is not required. Retreaver may be preferable if you want to integrate with Salesforce, as CallRail charges an additional $65 per month for Salesforce integration. Additionally, there are extra fees for conversation intelligence and complex call flows.

Pay-as-you-go call tracking programs like Convirza can be replaced with CallRail, which has monthly pricing that start at $45. The entry plan is a suitable choice for small enterprises because it includes the majority of necessary integrations and common features.

Telephone Features

  • CallScore: CallRail offers automatic call scoring as opposed to Convirza’s manual call scoring. It generates lead scores for you automatically using machine learning (ML) and call metadata.
  • Agent performance: To allow performance-based reports and pull information based on missed calls or call outcomes by agent, set up each of your agents as a CallRail user.
  • Quick texts: To save time, create text templates in the lead center. These let you to SMS missed callers or clients without having to compose a fresh message each time.

Best Pay-as-You-Go Call Tracking With Advanced Routing on Convirza

What We Enjoy

  • All plans include georouting and call flow builder.
  • Voicemail boxes for each account are included.
  • Every package includes a year of data storage.

What’s Absent

  • Only available through an add-on subscription with additional fees.
  • Account customer service does not offer live chat.
  • As compared to other call tracking tools, usage fees could be higher.Convirza Cost.

Convirza Pricing

  • Starter: No monthly fee, $4 phone numbers, 8 cents per minute, and 1.4 cents per text.
  • Professional: $69 per month for $2 numbers, 5 cents per min, 1.2 cents per text, white-glove onboarding, and API access.
  • Agency: $179 per month for $1 phone numbers, 4 cents per minute, 1 cent per text, white labeling, and dedicated account manager.
  • You Build It: Contact them for pricing for high call volumes and enterprise customizations.
  • Free trial: 21 days.

Call tracking software called Convirza is available in pay-as-you-go or subscription packages. Call routing, call downloading, and call recording are included with all packages. You can track local, toll-free, and text-enabled numbers with Convirza.

A call flow builder and geo routing are also included as basic features with Convirza, but these features are only available with CallTrackingMetrics’ $99 per month service. Convirza does not, however, offer the sophisticated conversation intelligence and automated call score generation that some CallTrackingMetrics plans offer, which your small business may require.

In comparison to Ringba, Convirza’s pay-as-you-go service prices more for minutes and phone numbers. Even said, the Professional plan, which starts at $69 per month and includes white-glove onboarding, is helpful if your company need assistance with installation.

Features of Convirza

  • Intelligent routing: Based on your pre-set rules, send calls with tracking numbers to particular agents. Additionally, all Convirza plans offer geo routing, which allows calls to be forwarded based on the state, ZIP code, or proximity to the agent’s location.
  • Manual scorecards: Create personalized scorecards that are assigned to agents or tracking numbers. During the conversation, agents can add remarks, and managers or other agents can reply to messages. Additionally, you can export the file as a portable document format (PDF) file and tag the call. Consider CallRail if you desire automatic scoring.
  • Convirza is the only call monitoring provider on our list that promotes its outbound call tracking features. In order to connect source data to the call automatically, sales representatives dial a tracking number after entering a pin.

White labeled platforms should use Ringba, the best call tracking service


What We Enjoy

  • White labeling enables personalized, branded platforms for staff, partners, and clients using automated interactive voice response (IVR) call flow editors.
  • Private networks of active call buyers and sellers are accessible to users

What’s Absent

  • Does not have the extensive knowledge base that is present with other suppliers.
  • Plan details and features are less clear on the website, making it tougher to choose a version that fits your needs.
  • No mobile app.

Price of Ringba

  • Basic: No monthly fee for $3 local numbers and 6.5 cents per minute, $4 toll-free numbers and 7.5 cents per minute, and 1 cent per minute for call recording.
  • Premium: $99 per month for $2 local numbers and 4.5 cents per minute, and $3 toll-free numbers and 5.5 cents per minute, and 0.5 cents per minute for call recording.
  • Enterprise: Completely customized plan available with a quote.
  • Free trial: 14 days.

Inbound call tracking software called Ringba is available in pay-as-you-go and bundled package formats. It distinguishes itself by providing adaptable white labeled platforms that are excellent for agencies and pay-per-call networks who wish to highlight branded services.

You have control over the appearance and feel of your channel thanks to the visual editor provided by the platform and the freedom to host Ringba on your own domain. White label services are offered by other providers, although they frequently cost more and have fewer customization options than Ringba.

Ringba offers international phone numbers in more than 60 countries, just like CallTrackingMetrics, but you’ll need to inquire about Ringba’s international calling costs. Ringba also charges an additional 5.5 to 1 cent per minute for call recording and doesn’t support SMS or mobile apps. Convirza or CallRail are two options if you want call tracking software that also includes call recording.

Ringba may offer better pricing and features for your company than other platforms if your firm manages pay-per-click (PPC) marketing or advertising on behalf of clients. Retreaver, on the other hand, might be a better choice if you desire tracking figures through a pay-as-you-go plan because it has a lower TCO.

Features of Ringba

  • Custom branding: Create customized notifications, registration forms, and integrations using a drag-and-drop visual editor to design your platform, automate partner changes, and more.
  • Call flow management: Distribute calls in accordance with agent availability, demographics, interests, and locales. Custom interactive voice response (IVR) systems that can compete with some of the top IVR systems are simple to design using the visual editor.
  • Data gathering: Unlike other call tracking tools, Ringba was built with agencies in mind and gathers a lot more information. Homeowner information, dietary preferences, personal financial data, and interest profiles are all included.

How We Selected the Top Call Tracking Apps

Call tracking software offers additional information about your marketing efforts and promotions, even though call tracking services are comparable to some of the top corporate phone systems. The top call tracking programs provide call recording, sophisticated reporting features, and smart routing capabilities. By examining solutions offering a mix of basic and sophisticated capabilities in different package levels, we rated providers.

With a rating of 4.36 out of 5, CallTrackingMetrics takes the top spot for a call tracking solution with omnichannel routing. It offers mobile apps, an intuitive user interface, and intelligent call routing. You will receive the first month for free after you sign up, despite the fact that there is no free trial period.

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