The top 10 call tracking apps and key performance indicators

It’s crucial to keep track of your clients’ leads. After all, making phone calls is a well-known high-intent action. There are numerous lead tracking solutions available, but a less well-known one is to monitor your clients’ phone calls with call monitoring software.

Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of utilizing call tracking software in your company and our top picks for the best call tracking apps available.

Why You Need To Start Call Tracking For Your Client Through Your Agency

We received excellent guidance from SEO and Adwords specialist at Doyle Digital, on how to convince clients of the necessity of call tracking.

Reasons Experts Adore Call Tracking Software

Its Proven Worth

The few campaigns on which I really have call monitoring set up are quite simple to defend their monthly costs.

Beautiful call tracking reports with nice, chunky conversion rates and a cost per conversion that appears to be reasonable in exchange for a real business lead.

When your client has you competing with another provider, you can demonstrate precisely which medium (SEO, AdWords, Facebook, etc.) is driving conversions.

But more than anything, it’s crucial for the client to understand which strategy is producing results before they invest more money in a seemingly hopeless marketing endeavor.

It makes sense that businesses are scrutinizing each of their costs very closely. They would be crazy to not think about firing us if we can’t show that we’re generating business at a fair cost per lead.

The Single Most Important Measure

These days, I hardly ever look at statistics like pages per session, duration on site, or bounce rate because I have the proper tracking in place.

Both the balance sheet of your client and the campaign’s performance cannot be determined by such indicators.

Actually, it’s impossible to tell whether someone is reading content or simply having trouble getting what they want. shutting their browser after bouncing or discovering what they need right away, calling the client.

Shamefully, I used to frequently base campaign optimization decisions on user numbers because it was the only reliable indicator I had at the time (combined with contact form tracking). Actually, I might have been hurting their initiatives without even being aware of it.

The Greatest Number of Conversions

Any service-based industry will often receive more phone calls than online contact forms do.

As you can see in the image below, this dental customer has call monitoring set up for each of his clinics, allowing us to pinpoint which one is benefiting the most from our AdWords campaign. This information is crucial when bidding on larger keywords like [dentist] or [dentist perth].

And you want all of that call tracking data to help improve things so that they give a real depiction of what your effort has delivered over the months if you’re doing conversion optimization on a website.

The “ugly and unneeded” alterations made to this pest control client’s website included putting a phone number and contact form to each and every page. I was able to demonstrate that those adjustments were totally worth the cosmetic cost thanks to call tracking applications.

Even for organic traffic, call tracking is extremely useful.

Even with the terrible companion (not given), you can at least determine which landing page results in a conversion, providing you a clear idea of which keyword groupings are generating the most business for your clients.

Encourage Success

For the benefit of both you and your client.

Sincerely, I’m tired of producing an AdWords campaign that is tight as a drum, but my report’s Goals section still looks like this:

When a client spends $700 on AdWords Media (excluding your management fee) and you appear to have only produced 3 leads for the company overall… If so, managing that campaign will be a challenge for you.

Let’s face it, if the client felt like spreading word about his report, a competitor wouldn’t have any trouble dissing my services based on this.

How a professional establishes call tracking as a norm

Call tracking is now a basic feature of Specialist’s management charge, eliminating the need for clients to pay extra for it. Yes, it makes me appear more expensive than my rivals, but call tracking always results in stronger campaigns, he claims. “Additionally, it fosters strong accountability. This assists me in demonstrating my job and the client in defending my invoices to management or to the client.”

If you inquire, he claims that when customers express a worry about price “Nowadays, alternatives to the large corporations we’re accustomed to are far less expensive. Among them are CallRail and TrackMyCalls, a company that is reasonably priced for Australian operators.”

Don’t rely on the customer to evaluate, track, or report on leads on their end because they typically won’t. Let the evidence speak for your results and stand firmly behind your work.

In Your Marketing Campaign, How to Use Email Call Tracking

What marketer isn’t interested in bridging the gap between online and offline customer behavior, right? Call tracking can be immensely useful in doing just that.

With the correct tool, call monitoring enables business owners to precisely measure the number of calls made as a result of an email campaign, which they can then examine to calculate the number of leads and prospective conversions.

So how can call tracking be included to an email marketing campaign? It’s fairly easy to understand and short:

  • You must first develop a special call tracking number that you can use in all of your emails. Call tracking software, which will be covered in more detail in this article, can be used for this. For each of your email campaigns, if you’re running them, the number should be different.
  • You must include the number in all of the campaign-related emails you create after you’ve created it. This can be done by adding it to your email template so that it appears in every email and is visible to users who access your website through a link you’ve included in the email.
  • Last but not least, you’ll use call monitoring software to determine precisely how many people called the number after reading your email. You may determine what customer activity resulted from such calls using. Did you produce fresh leads? Which leads actually converted? There are countless options.

Best Apps for Call Tracking

Pick one and utilize all that it has to offer from the many Apps and software solutions that are available to help with call tracking.

With a smart call tracking tool, you don’t even need a big budget or a ton of resources to get the desired results. Thinking about recording all the data and evaluating the metrics by hand sounds onerous. Do your homework and choose the software that best suits the requirements of your company.

These CallTracking programs are all integrated with AgencyAnalytics and come highly recommended by us:


CallRail employs customer call recording as one technique to identify the kinds of calls being received and to ascertain whether those calls are coming from qualified leads.

Additionally, they use dynamic number insertion to provide a distinct tracking phone number to each internet source; this number will be shown on your website based on how a user found it and will reveal the source of the majority of your incoming calls. Email marketing can also employ dynamic number insertion.

Last but not least, CallRail interfaces with Google Analytics and Adwords to make metric analysis simple. The data is uploaded immediately to Google Analytics each time someone calls using the tracking number, and it shows up in your dashboard with your other marketing statistics so you can compare all the information from your different marketing efforts.


You may improve the ROI of your campaigns using CallTrackingMetrics by using keyword-level attribution and mobile click-to-call tracking. This program can be used to examine both online and offline marketing and identify the keywords that are generating phone calls.

For those that want to incorporate text messaging into their call tracking campaign, this program also has text message capabilities. If you wish to provide website visitors the chance to complete a form in order to be put in touch with a member of your team, it also works with form submissions.

What Converts

WhatConverts provides call monitoring that is instantaneous, allows you to track all leads rather than just calls, displays numbers depending on your campaigns, records calls, provides reporting, and allows you to determine the online and offline channels that lead to calls. If you’re searching for a comprehensive set of software, it’s a terrific tool with excellent evaluations in a world where dynamic marketing, voice search, and networking are happening everywhere.


One of the most straightforward companies on the list, Avanser is an Asia Pacific call tracking company that excels for small businesses with limited resources. You still have access to all online tracking that maximizes your ROI utilizing dynamic numbers, as well as fast missed call notifications and more. If you’re considering expanding internationally, this program is suit you because some of the biggest brand names in the Pacific region utilize it.


Another international call tracking business is Marchex, however unlike the others, call tracking is only a minor portion of what the business provides. You name it, and they’ll have the data for you, whether it’s omnichannel, speech, leads, or the marketplace. (Shameless plug: AgencyAnalytics will be useful for organizing and analysis if you choose this product.


CallSource offers businesses data-driven insights to enhance their marketing and sales initiatives. CallSource is a call tracking and analytics company.

For clients across a range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, home services, insurance, and more, CallSource’s technology platform currently tracks over 100 million calls yearly. The platform offers extensive functionality for lead management, customer relationship management (CRM), campaign management, reporting, and analytics in addition to call tracking.


For companies who depend on incoming calls to generate leads and sales, Delacon call tracking is a crucial tool. Businesses may determine which marketing strategies are generating the greatest interest and conversions by tracking phone conversations. Call tracking can also assist companies in monitoring worker performance and locating potential training needs.

There are numerous methods for monitoring phone calls, but Delacon’s technology is among the most complete and user-friendly availabl

DialogTech (now invoca)

For incoming phone conversations, DialogTech offers conversation intelligence and marketing attribution. The business provides a complete package, beginning with the call tracking and recording technologies required to identify which marketing efforts are generating phone calls. Additionally, it offers a platform for AI-powered call analytics that examines each conversation to assist organizations in enhancing lead quality, increasing sales, and enhancing customer service.


Using its web service APIs, Twilio enables software developers to automate the sending and receiving of text messages, phone calls, and other types of communication. The operation is rather straightforward. Simply create a Twilio account, get a phone number, and then incorporate calling or texting capabilities into your app using the available API.


Another excellent call monitoring tool is WildJar, which gives you access to call recordings and enables you to find out precisely who is contacting you, where they are calling from, and what they are saying. Businesses can use this as an opportunity to enhance customer service, and advertising firms can monitor the success of their campaigns.


By automating lead nurturing, synchronizing marketing data, and boosting customer assistance, call tracking software may help you increase sales, customer satisfaction, and client retention rates.

Before launching your campaign, you most certainly set goals, and the actions you take to improve are directly related to those goals.

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