What you should know about sending business texts

With a track record of successfully luring and retaining customers, texting as a marketing tactic is gaining prominence. In actuality, 85% of customers would rather receive text messages than phone calls or emails. Companies who don’t use this channel are missing out on one of the most customer-friendly marketing tactics available today. The adaptability of texting is another advantage. It can be used for a variety of things by different departments, including sales, marketing, operations, and customer service. Organizations can apply text strategies for the modern business environment with the aid of business texting platforms. Your company can use texting to improve communication with clients, candidates, and staff.

What you should know about sending business texts

Why Use Text in Your Organization

Few mediums are as accessible and immediate as texting. The majority of clients utilize native texting apps throughout the day because to the widespread usage of smartphones. Compared to emails, they are much more likely to read an incoming text. In actuality, texts have a 98% open rate compared to emails’ 20% open rate. Why not make use of this powerful channel?

MMS versus SMS

Text messages can be sent in SMS or MMS formats. The most common sort of message is an SMS, or short messaging service, which is composed entirely of text. Emojis, pictures, and videos can all be included in messages sent over MMS, or Multi-media Messaging Service.

How to Use Texting in Your Business


Texting may be a huge advantage for sales teams because of its personal character and quick response times. Compared to other channels, salespeople can interact with clients in a nicer, more personal way. Additionally, incoming leads can be qualified using automatic text sequences depending on responses to pre-established prompts. After leads have been qualified, salespeople can contact them and focus their attention on the prospects most likely to convert. Since sales personnel can easily contact pleased consumers by texting, upsell and cross-sell opportunities are also supported.


Since clients frequently pay more attention to texts than to emails, sending business SMS is also a fantastic marketing strategy. You can engage with leads by sending personalized promotions to opted-in prospects through SMS marketing. To increase engagement, you can A/B test your messaging campaigns. You may also automate follow-up sequences triggered by particular keywords or user behaviors by establishing a corporate texting service. Conversations over text have a more intimate sense, which can help your brand gain trust.

Field communications or operations

Businesses with dispersed sites and out-of-office workers may find it difficult to keep partners and employees informed. Text messaging within a team can enable team members stay up to date with their schedules, potential roadblocks, or upcoming opportunities in real time. Teams can be created in most text systems, similar to distribution groups for email, allowing managers to distribute tailored messages to particular groups. Check out these effective texting tactics for franchise organizations if you run a multi-location or franchise business.

Consumer Assistance

Texting has advantages all throughout the customer journey. Since problems may be addressed and resolved almost immediately and frequently much more quickly than through other channels, implementing texting in your customer service or support departments can improve the customer experience. Even if a support issue requires more interaction than is practical over text, the simplicity of getting in touch with a support person can reassure the customer as they are directed to the right resource.

Textuality Requirements and Sector Compliance

Historically, short codes, long codes, and toll-free phone lines have all been available for sending business text messages. Larger companies and high volume senders would use short codes, which are five- to six-digit phone numbers designed to handle thousands of messages per day. However, setting up and maintaining short codes can take a lot of time and money.

Long codes are regular 10-digit phone numbers that include the area code for the local area. Although less expensive, these have historically had a daily message volume cap. Some businesses would use delivering high-volume communications from local or toll-free long codes to reduce setup and maintenance costs. The industry decided to adapt when carriers reported an increase in unsolicited text messages.

Because of this, the 10-digit long code (10DLC) standard was created especially for use with applications to people. Businesses who anticipate sending A2P communications must either register their phone number with the carriers themselves or select a partner to take care of this for them. With the new carrier standards, 10DLC numbers may support a lot more messages while still costing around the same as traditional local phone numbers.

Regardless of your preferred method for sending texts, make an effort to follow industry standards and obtain each recipient’s opt-in authorization. Finding a partner who makes this simple for your consumers and business is crucial.


There are a number typical approaches to texting implementation in your company, including:

  • Qualifying of leads for sales.
  • Customized marketing campaigns.
  • Real-time interaction with team members Support for customers.

In addition, depending on what you want to achieve, there are endless original and adaptable alternatives. For instance, texting has been utilized as a screening tool for job applications by mortgage lenders and staffing agencies, as well as to support the operations of a mobile claim center during a natural disaster.

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