How to Use Marketing Dashboards to Display Call Tracking ROI

In a world with chatbots, there are a variety of methods to contact a company, but phone conversations are still the quickest way to provide customer care and convert leads – particularly when potential consumers are searching for excellent answers quickly.

High-intent leads are phone leads. In order to increase phone calls for their clients, marketing companies employ click-to-call buttons as an efficient conversion statistic across all of their marketing channels, including email, social media, SEO, and PPC.

However, how does your company link phone leads to the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives? How can you effectively and at scale communicate lead details to your clients through the marketing channels that are generating more phone calls?

Management of call-tracking metrics is necessary in order to link them to the profitability of their clientele. A call tracking dashboard can be useful in this situation.

Marketing Dashboards

Why the effectiveness of a campaign might be impacted by call tracking

Incomplete data for optimization and underreported results can result from not paying attention to the phone calls brought about by your marketing activities. You already care a lot about tracking clicks as a marketer. To determine whether your marketing efforts are successful, however, online to offline attribution is as crucial.

You can by using call tracking:

  • Calls should be connected to past contacts and customer journey touchpoints.
  • meld caller information from many sources of attribution together
  • Examine discussions to ensure quality (this one is more for your clients)
  • Find out what generates phone calls – what CTA generated interest? Was it a product page, a recommendation, or a PPC ad for a deal?
  • Analyze the results of the phone call to determine the worth of each contact and even to improve the sorts of campaigns with higher-quality callers that become paying clients.
  • These are just some of the things call tracking can be used for.

In essence, it functions exactly like any other marketing campaign and provides insights to help you develop better campaigns that address hurdles, optimize efforts, and determine conversion outcomes to help you better plan ahead and set goals with your clients.

In the end, it enables you to calculate the money earned from each phone lead and links it to the work done by your agency, keeping your clients coming back for more.

What Belongs on a Call Tracking Dashboard

A call monitoring dashboard should have the following metrics for call tracking:

  • Dialing volume.
  • Amount of calls that were answered as opposed to those that were not.
  • Leading Sources: Which channels generate phone leads?
  • Information about the contact: name, source, phone number, length, place, whether it was answered, and remarks.
  • Each answered call’s audio recording.

What Makes a Call Tracking Dashboard Important?

The performance of each client’s phone leads is automatically monitored by a call tracking dashboard. Without having to make repeated phone calls to your clients, you will be able to visualize data from numerous sources and present your findings to them in real-time.

You can using a call tracking system:

  • To save time, manage the call tracking metrics for all of your clients in one location.
  • Never let a high-intent lead pass you by.
  • Watch for phone leads from the top traffic sources.
  • Your agency-client connection should be improved.
  • Track your progress and link the value of your phone leads to your ROI.
  • Let’s look more closely at how.

1. Control Every Client Account in One Place

Social media platforms, email, websites, and PPC campaigns can all produce phone leads. Along with phone conversions, it’s likely that you’re also operating other marketing initiatives. You’ll need call tracking software that builds automatic dashboards for your call tracking as well as all the other metrics related to your clients.

You’ll be able to demonstrate the whole picture of your campaign results and how they’re affecting ROI by tracking your phone leads alongside your other ad campaigns.

2. Never Ignore a Quality Lead

When a customer phones a company, they have taken extra effort to look for specific information. Tracking answered vs. missed calls for your clients demonstrates how they may manage their business more effectively. Do they require more people to answer the phone? How is the performance of their staff?

Additionally, you will be providing clients with the option to make follow-up phone calls and listen to call recordings with the phone leads’ contact information for follow-up.

Agency Pro Tip: Provide clients with logins so they can access their own call monitoring dashboards on their own! The customer care personnel can then follow up with leads at their convenience after listening to the call records.

3. Examine Source Credit

Determine which of your clients’ top-performing marketing channels are generating new phone leads. If one platform is producing better results than another, it’s time to improve that platform or reallocate some of your funding to that channel.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Goals

To surpass your call volume goals before your reporting period, incorporate your call tracking objectives, such as monthly call volume or click-to-call conversions, into your workflows. Your team will be able to immediately see when they are off course and adjust their efforts to get back on track if you set your own targets.

Utilize call tracking reports to focus on ROI

You must determine the rough worth of each phone lead in order to demonstrate the ROI of your call tracking initiatives. (You can even use lead and conversion scoring to more effectively weed out good calls.) This will enable you to make sure that your clients are receiving the right number of calls and conversions, which will ultimately impact their bottom line.

To define your customer acquisition goals and decide how much to invest in generating phone leads, consider the lifetime value of each of your clients. Once you have that value, it will be simple for you to use your campaigns to demonstrate the return on investment for your clients.

To demonstrate the value you’re providing to your clients’ businesses, transform your dashboards into call tracking reports that are client-ready and incorporate goal-tracking into your marketing campaigns.

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