Five Reasons “Free” Call Tracking Will Expense Your Business Heavily

Free is definitely a wonderful deal. It’s…free. It is unbeatable.
The main issue is that there isn’t much service and the software has numerous limitations when it comes to free call tracking software and services. In fact, there are so many that using your “free” call tracking option could end up costing your business a lot of money—often in ways that are difficult to see.
Let’s take a step back and discuss what call tracking is all about and the benefits it should have for your company before we get into the details.

Five Reasons “Free” Call Tracking Will Expense Your Business Heavily

Basics of Call Tracking

The call monitoring system for your company is meant to be a crucial tool for your sales and marketing teams. Your phone calls should be recorded so you may review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and improve the lead generation skills of your sales force.
Call center productivity and customer satisfaction can both be better understood through call tracking. You will be informed of the most and least efficient marketing channels, and it will produce worthwhile leads for the sales staff to follow up on.

Your company will actually lose money if your call tracking software doesn’t work properly or doesn’t produce the best results. Consider how much of your advertising money you might be wasting if you can’t gather precise information about your marketing channels and the capacity of each to produce a positive return on investment. If you couldn’t gather that data in real-time, how much advertising money might you waste?

What if your attempts at call tracking don’t result in any useful information about lead generation? How effective can your sales team be without that important information?

The point is that if your call tracking service isn’t providing you with the best results, it’s not free at all. Instead, it costs your business money in lost opportunities. Here are some ways your free call tracking app may end up costing you money that you don’t have.

1.Simple Features

You’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for” before. If something is free, either it’s not truly free or you’re not receiving very much. In other circumstances, the developer of the software might only provide you with the basic version in an effort to get you to upgrade to the premium version.
Your free software will perform some tasks adequately in the meanwhile. Will it, however, fulfill all of your requirements?
Think about conversion monitoring. You should be able to categorize each call for quality using your solution. A data report displaying spam, opportunity calls, and conversions should be provided to you. In order to have a more complete and dynamic picture of every time your phone rings, you would also be able to record call highlights and collect agent vs. consumer data.
You should be able to track the efficiency of each advertising channel with quick and simple dynamic number insertion. then transition to call analytics pretty naturally.
All of this can your free system handle?

Basics of Call Tracking

2.Shortage of Data Storage

The top call tracking software packages provide limitless data storage. Your free program? Not really. But why is this such a big deal?

Some of the information produced by your call monitoring system, whether it is paid for or not, only becomes significant over time. Because of this, you must be able to obtain data sets as needed. Your sales and marketing teams lose sight of opportunities when your free software has limited data storage.

3. Integration Issues

Integration in the context of call tracking technology refers to the capacity of your system to operate as seamlessly as possible with your other procedures, including your website, social media accounts, CRM and sales software, analytical and reporting tools, and other digital tools.
Your functionality and productivity will suffer if your integration skills are subpar.

4. Insertion of Dynamic Numbers by Third Parties

With the use of dynamic number insertion (DNI), distinct phone numbers can be assigned to various marketing channels. This makes it simple to monitor the success of each marketing channel and, consequently, the return on investment for each channel’s ad spend. With this knowledge, you’ll always be aware of what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to change your advertising budget and cut down on media waste in real-time.
Numerous free call tracking options are unable to assign dynamic numbers without assistance from a third party. This requires time, which costs money.

5. A Lack of Strong or Consistent Customer Service

No matter how well-planned your sales or marketing efforts are, things still go wrong. You need customer support in the most practical communication mode when you require help troubleshooting. It entails round-the-clock live email, phone, and chat help.
Free call tracking services don’t typically provide that. When it’s not, it severely disadvantages your business when tech help is necessary.

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